Dr. Who & The Daleks (soundtrack)

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Starring: Malcolm Lockyer & Bill McGuffie
By:Malcolm Lockyer & Bill McGuffie
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Editions:  UK (CD) | UK (LP)
Note:Music soundtrack to the two 1960s Dalek movies starring Peter Cushing as the Doctor. Publisher's description as follows:

Dr. Who & The Daleks brought the legendary BBC sci-fi series to the cinematic big screen in glorious Technicolor and widescreen in Aug 1965, followed a year later by Daleks — Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.
Released for the first time on CD, here are the soundtracks to both films including sound effects, contemporary single releases and a 20 page inlay booklet packed with memorabilia and detailed production notes.
The vibrant period scores written by Malcolm Lockyer and Bill McGuffie, have sections enhanced by electronic sounds created by Barry Gray, famed for his work with Gerry Anderson.
Lovingly restored from the vaults of Pinewood Studios, this project has been eagerly awaited for many years by Doctor Who and sci-fi fans.

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Edition: UK (CD)
Released:  October 2009
Publisher:  Silva Screen
Format: 1 x CD
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Cover blurb:

Track listing:

    Dr. Who and The Daleks
  1. Fanfare and Opening Titles (Malcolm Lockyer) 1:48
  2. Tardis (Malcolm Lockyer) 0:48
  3. The Petrified Jungle (Malcolm Lockyer) 1:58
  4. The Petrified Creature and the City (Malcolm Lockyer) 0:52
  5. Four Return To Tardis (Malcolm Lockyer) 1:05
  6. The Medicine Box and the Climb to the City (Malcolm Lockyer) 2:24
  7. City Corridors (Malcolm Lockyer) 1:54
  8. Captured by the Daleks (Malcolm Lockyer) 1:18
  9. Susan Leaves the City (Malcolm Lockyer) 1:17
  10. The Jungle at Night (Malcolm Lockyer) 2:13
  11. Susan Returns to the City (Malcolm Lockyer) 1:12
  12. Escape from the Cell (Malcolm Lockyer) 3:05
  13. The Trap (Malcolm Lockyer) 3:44
  14. The Swamp (Malcolm Lockyer) 2:37
  15. The Mountain (Malcolm Lockyer) 2:34
  16. The Cave (Malcolm Lockyer) 1:57
  17. The Jump (Malcolm Lockyer) 0:54
  18. The Thals Approach the City (Malcolm Lockyer) 1:40
  19. The Countdown (Malcolm Lockyer) 2:38
  20. The Countdown Stops (Malcolm Lockyer) 2:17
  21. Finale and End Titles (Malcolm Lockyer) 1:11

    Daleks — Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.

  22. Smash and Grab (Bill McGuffie) 1:43
  23. Tardis Departs (Bill McGuffie) 0:12
  24. Opening Titles (Bill McGuffie) 1:59
  25. Tardis (Bill McGuffie) 1:15
  26. London, 2150 A.D. (Bill McGuffie) 0:50
  27. Daleks and Robomen (Bill McGuffie) 5:01
  28. Message to Grandfather and the Dalek Saucer Takes Off (Bill McGuffie) 1:26
  29. The Mine Workings and the Cottage (Bill McGuffie) 1:25
  30. Preparing the Bomb Capsule (Bill McGuffie) 1:22
  31. Smash and Grab (Reprise) and End Titles (Bill McGuffie) 2:09

    The Singles

  32. The Eccentric Doctor Who (Malcolm Lockyer) 2:25
  33. Daleks and Thals (Malcolm Lockyer) 2:09
  34. Fugue for Thought (Bill McGuffie) 2:16

    Dr. Who and The Daleks — Bonus Tracks

  35. Fanfare and Opening Titles (with effects) (Malcolm Lockyer) 1:48
  36. Tardis Effects (Barry Gray) 3:06
  37. Dalek City Effects (Barry Gray) 6:31

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Edition: UK (LP)
Released:  April 2016
Publisher:  Silva Screen
Format: 2 x LP

Note:  Re-release on yellow 180 gram vinyl, limited to 1500 copies. One of two Doctor Who vinyl re-releases for Record Store Day 2016 — the other was Genesis of the Daleks.

Cover blurb:
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