Spare Parts

No. 34 of 233 in the New Audio Adventures series
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Starring: Peter Davison & Sarah Sutton
By:Marc Platt
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Editions:  CD | LP
Note:The script for this drama was later published in The Audio Scripts: Volume Three.

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Edition: CD
When:  July 2002
Format: 2 x CD
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Cover blurb:
On a dark frozen planet where no planet should be, in a rat-infested city with a sky of stone, the Doctor and Nyssa unearth a black market in second-hand body parts and run the gauntlet of augmented police and their augmented horses.

And just between the tramstop and the picturehouse, the Doctor's worst suspicions are confirmed: the Cybermen have only just begun.

This story takes place between Time-Flight and Arc of Infinity.

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Edition: LP
When:  April 2017
Format: 4 x LP
Big Finish

Note:  Limited to 500 copies and exclusively available via the Big Finish website. Follows the limited-edition vinyl release of The Chimes of Midnight in 2016.

Cover blurb:
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