Tales from the TARDIS: Volume 2

No. 46 of 235 in the BBC classic series audios series
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Starring: Jon Pertwee, Peter Davison, Colin Baker & Paul McGann
By:Terrance Dicks, Philip Martin & Gary Russell
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Editions:  MP3-CD | CD
Note:A compilation of previously-released audios (see links below). Sequel to Volume 1.

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Edition: MP3-CD
When:  July 2004
Format: 1 x MP3-CD
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Cover blurb:
Seven stories of excitement and adventure in distant times and places!

The Planet of the Daleks Read by Jon Pertwee
The TARDIS brings the Doctor and Jo to Spiridon, where they meet old allies — and old enemies.

Warriors of the Deep Read by Peter Davison
In 2084, Earth's superpowers inhabit the far corners of the ocean bed. But they are not alone!

Vengeance on Varos Read by Colin Baker
The Doctor and Peri encounter the reptilian Sil, and a populace entertained by video sadism.

The Novel of the Film Read by Paul McGann
The Time Lord's eighth incarnation is born in this novelisation of the 1996 TV movie Doctor Who.

Earth and Beyond Read by Paul McGann
Travel broadens the mind for the Eighth Doctor and Sam in this trio of original short stories.

Incidental music from the original TV stories is also included.

For PC and Mac users, this MP3-CD also features a special TARDIS-themed viewer screen, images from the original series, excerpts from other Doctor Who CD releases, web links and additional features.

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Edition: CD
When:  February 2017
Format: CD
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Note:  Being a regular audio CD box set, this does not contain the "TARDIS viewer screen" and other CD-ROM content which was on the MP3-CD edition.

Cover blurb:
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