The Keeper of Traken:

10ep 1 – After the Keeper disappears from the TARDIS, the Doctor and Adric stand up. The camera follows them, but goes too far and momentarily shows the top of the control room wall flats in the background.

20ep 2 – The Melkur statue wobbles when Nyssa brushes some moss off it.

30ep 3 – When the Doctor and Master are being held in the prison cell, watch Tom Baker's nose and play spot-the-bogey.

40ep 3 – When the Doctor and co. find the unconscious Neman and one of the fosters, Nyssa explains how she used the ion bonder to stun them, and adds, "They'll sleep for quite a bit yet". In fact, they come to less than a minute later, as the Consuls find them.

50ep 4 – When the Master opens the grandfather clock door, light is reflected off it. Apparently, viewed in slow motion, it becomes a BBC camera, JNT and the director John Black!

60ep 4 – The Master's decayed teeth are quite clearly painted onto his lips — see especially the close-up of him when he takes over Tremas.

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