Warriors' Gate:

10ep 1,4 – The central column of the TARDIS console is extremely noisy in this story when it's going up and down. It's bad enough in Part 1, but in the final TARDIS scene in Part 4 the clunking noise is almost loud enough to drown out the dialogue.

20ep 1,2,4 – In many scenes in the TARDIS control room, the electrical cable powering the console is visible, running from the console across the floor and out through one of the half-roundels near floor level. In Part 1, it can be seen just before the Doctor and Romana have their discussion about coin-tossing, and later as the Doctor examines the damaged K-9. It's particularly obvious behind K-9 at the start of Part 2, as Romana and Adric discuss the privateer crew. Possibly its most blatant appearance is in the shot of K-9 leaving the TARDIS with Adric. In Part 4, it can be glimpsed just before Adric says, "Why don't we just dematerialise and go?" Its final appearance is in the background as they watch the scanner showing the privateer landing.

30ep 1 – The wall which Lane knocks his smoking hat against to put it out shows a very obvious boom-mike shadow which quickly withdraws as he enters the shot.

40ep 1,3 – On several occasions, dirt is visible on the floor of the white void set (and sometimes the join between walls and floor can be seen as well, due to problems with the CSO). See particularly when Packard, Lane and Rorvik are approaching the TARDIS in Part 1, and later when Packard and Lane are walking back to their ship followed by K-9.

50ep ? – After Adric and Romana have sneaked into the ship by hiding under the dust-cover for that big gun, you can see a boom mike bobbing around in the background.

50ep 1 – After Biroc enters the main doors of the Gateway, a glimpse of him moving off behind the set can be seen through a gap between the castle walls and the white void, just as the Doctor is coming up to the doors.

60ep 2 – When the two Gundans try to sandwich the Doctor, one drops its axe on the Doctor's back but it bounces off.

70ep 2 – When Rorvik, Packard and Lane return to the privateer with Romana, they also return with an extra crewman (Kilroy) who wasn't with them when they went out to the TARDIS.

80ep 2,3 – Adric removes one of K-9's ears so the metal mutt can triangulate better whilst out in the void. K-9 later arrives (without seeing Adric since) in the banqueting hall and meets the Doctor, together with both ears, yet when he returns outside (following Packard and Lane), one of them has vanished again. By the time K-9 catches up with Packard and Lane, when they arrive back at their ship, the missing ear has once again returned.

90ep 2 – The Doctor dismantles the heads of two Gundan robots so he can interrogate them, but while he and the privateer crew are listening to one of them, the second one somehow manages to put itself back together so that it can come to life, decapitate the first and escape through a mirror.

100ep 2,3 – The mirror through which the Gundan and later the Doctor pass wobbles as Rorvik's men examine it.

110ep 3 – Kilroy shows up again where he shouldn't be when Packard and Lane arrive back at the privateer, trailed by K-9.

120ep 3,4 – When Packard tosses K-9 out of the ship, he lifts the bottom of the prop towards the camera, revealing clearly that it's the lightweight dummy K-9 being thrown about. The dummy K-9 is also obvious on a couple of occasions in Part 4 — when the Doctor grabs him up as they flee the Gateway, and when they re-enter the TARDIS (the Doctor is carrying it by the neck, so that the bottom is tilted toward the camera).

130ep 3 – In one scene, several of the privateer crew are situated in the lower left of the shot and up a staircase positioned along the left and upper centre part of the shot. In the lower center and right part of the shot is the MZ "blaster", the one covered with foil. Watch this lower area for a mike on a boom, intruding a long way into the picture, trying to catch the voices of people on the staircase. Clearly the sound guy thought the staircase was in close-up or something.
[I wonder if the boom mike guy was out sick that week and JNT was filling in?]

140ep 3,4 – The model shots of the Gateway, the privateer and the TARDIS show some unfortunate shadows somehow cast on the "walls" and "floor" of the white void by all three objects. Also, they are shown as being much closer together than the story implies (even taking the ongoing contraction of space into account).

150ep 3/4 – At the end of episode 3, a Tharil at the feast table hits the serving girl in the face. The Doctor gets up, stands beside her, and then moves slightly towards the left of the screen. The camera follows — but goes too far, and has to quickly correct itself.

160ep 4 – Watch the Gateway doors just before the MZ blast happens. There's a bit of rubble sitting in the doorway (left over from a previous take?) which suddenly vanishes a split-second before the explosion.

170ep 4 – When Sagan is trying and failing to revive the Tharils, a couple of times the supposedly dead creature on the table can be seen clearly breathing in and out.

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