State of Decay:

10ep 1 – The shot of the TARDIS spinning through E-Space looks quite bizarre, as the police box passes behind the stars instead of in front of them!

20ep 1,2 – The resolution to the Part 1 cliffhanger is a bad cop-out. The Doctor and Romana are rushing through the forest, they fall down, Romana says "Look!" in a horrified manner, and we see a close-up of a swarm of bats as the last shot of the episode — clearly implying that the Doctor and Romana are about to be overwhelmed by the creatures. In the reprise, that last shot is simply omitted, and Romana's exclamation instead leads in to a shot of a column of bats very far off, moving away from the travellers! (In other words, there was actually no threat at all at the end of Part 1)

30ep 2 – There's a scene between Tom Baker and Lalla Ward in this story where she rattles off the list of names of the Hydrax officers, and Tom Baker turns to her at the end of it and says "Very good!" Apparently, she had trouble getting that line right and they just decided to go ahead and use that take.

40ep 2 – All that stuff about language drift makes sense when names are passed down from generation to generation. But the three whose names have changed are still the originals! Surely you wouldn't forget your own name, even after a thousand years?

50ep 3 – When Zargo and Camilla are in their private chamber, they are holding hands as Camilla says, "When we wake, we shall feed..." Zargo pulls his hand away from hers, and accidentally flicks the ring off her finger in the process.

60ep 3 – When Tarak bursts into the Doctor's cell, he manages to hit Tom Baker's nose with the door!

70ep 4 – When the Doctor prepares to pilot the TARDIS to the rebel HQ, he says to K-9, "We need a slight spatial movement, and no temporary displacement..." He should of course have said "temporal".

80ep 4 – During the storming of the Tower, isn't it amazing how many of the so-called dead/stunned guards can move or reposition themselves long after they've been shot by K-9 to enable doors to open or K-9 to pass?

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