Full Circle:

10ep 1 – In the opening TARDIS scene, K-9 plugs into the TARDIS console when the Doctor tells him to set the co-ordinates for Gallifrey, and he doesn't appear to move after that during the scene. But at the end, when the Doctor follows Romana out of the control room, K-9 is sitting well away from the console (in fact, the Doctor walks between K-9 and the console).

20ep 1 – In the scene where the Doctor is banging away beneath the console, and he pops up to say, "Well, of course you heard a noise!" there's a fly clearly visible buzzing around near his head.

30ep 2 – In the starliner's entry chamber, the Doctor finds a knife and a riverfruit on the desk, and stabs the knife a little way into the fruit before moving off down a corridor. Immediately afterwards, we see the Marsh-child go to remove the knife from the fruit, and the knife is embedded much further (almost the entire length of the blade).

40ep 2 – Romana tells Adric the weight of the TARDIS is "five times ten to the sixth kilos". That's five thousand tonnes — far too heavy for the Marshmen to move by hand. In fact, if an object as small as the police box was that heavy, it would almost certainly sink into the ground under its own weight.

50ep 2 – When Romana and the Outlers return to the TARDIS after seeing K-9 get smashed by the Marshmen, the electrical cable powering the console is blatantly obvious, running along the floor and out the back of the set. (It's also very visible when the Outlers rush back in after seeing the spiders.)

60ep 4 – When one of the Marshmen touches hands with Romana as they invade the starliner, the actor's fingers can clearly be seen through gaps in the Marshman costume's glove.

70ep 4 – In the struggle between the Outlers and the Marshmen where Tylos is killed, the TARDIS doors start out being slightly ajar, and get pushed open during the fight. But later, when the Doctor finds Tylos's body, the TARDIS doors are back to being only slightly ajar.

80ep 4 – Tom Baker has difficulty with a line of technobabble: "Definitely morphological... similar karyotypes". He was meant to say "morphologically".

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