10ep 1 – Keep an eye out for the thick, black, sexy piano wire holding Tigella in place in the sky as General Grugger and his men arrive on Zolfa-Thura.

20ep 1 – When an image of the Doctor appears on the screen in Meglos's laboratory, the text over it reads "DATEB OF ORIGIN". Right at the end of the scene the errant 'B' finally disappears, but by then the damage is done...!

30ep 2 – The Gaztak ship wobbles ridiculously as it takes off from Zolfa-Thura.

40ep 2 – When the Doctor, Romana and K-9 arrive on Tigella, Romana is shown closing the TARDIS doors, but after they move off the doors can be seen to still be open.

50ep 3 – The scene between Deedrix and Caris in the empty Power Room is plagued by boom-mike shadows, including one horribly obvious one which obscures almost half of Deedrix's body for ages. At one point the actual microphone even protrudes into shot.

60ep 1,3 – In episode 1, the Doctor claims that he wasn't allowed to see the dodecahedron on his previous visit to Zolfa-Thura, but in episode 3 he reminisces about seeing it.

70ep 3 – The airlock wall behind Romana wobbles as the inner door opens.

80ep 3 – When Meglos shows the dodecahedron to the Gaztaks on their ship and says, "This ought to replace the odd torn jacket", there's a cough which sounds like it's from someone in the studio, but definitely out of the normal microphone range.

90ep 3,4 – Only two Gaztaks (plus Meglos, Grugger and Brotadac) enter the ship to take off from Tigella, but in the later scene when Grugger talks of losing half his crew a third Gaztak is suddenly there, sitting in the formerly empty chair to Grugger's left!

100ep 4 – General Grugger claims that he lost 50% of his six-man crew on Tigella, but when they arrive on Zolfa-Thura there are clearly more than three of them.

110ep 4 – Brotadac puts on the Doctor's (actually Meglos's) coat in the control room, but when he goes outside and captures the Doctor, he isn't wearing it. When he returns to the control room he's suddenly got it on again.

120ep 4 – When Romana enters the cell where the Doctor and Meglos are being held, she puts her hand right on the edge of the hole (which K-9 has supposedy just cut in the wall) without being burnt, or indeed showing any reaction at all!

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