The Leisure Hive:

10ep 1 – Watch out for the wires pulling K-9 along the beach.

20ep 1 – In the close-up of Pangol's 'disembodied' head in the Recreation Generator, the black T-shirt being worn by the actor is very obvious.

30ep 1 – In the shot where the Foamasi cut through the wall of the Hive, you can see the faint outline of a rectangular piece of card, which is moved up off the top of the screen by the Video Effects operator to unmask the green line representing the cut.

40ep 1 – When Morix tells Brock he will not sell Argolis and dies, the close-up of him shows the last of the seeds in that little cone-shaped pod atop his head falling off. However, when we cut back to the wide shot of him and Brock, there are still a couple of other seeds attached to it.

50ep 1 – The Doctor and Romana make detailed comments about Hardin's experiment and how it was faked, despite the fact that they couldn't possibly have seen anything — the display on the screen had finished before they came into the boardroom.

60ep 2 – When the Doctor shows the sonic screwdriver to Pangol, its top is nearly bent off.

70ep 3,4 – Pangol tells Brock, "When the dawn comes, Mena will be dead..." However, the window behind him seems to show it's broad daylight already (contrary to what later events imply).

80ep 3,4 – When the Doctor ages and de-ages, isn't it odd that his hair also ages and de-ages accordingly? (Hair is "dead" matter and hence shouldn't age — just like his clothes, which didn't age.)

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