10ep 2 – Notice that when Professor Chronotis is being attacked by the sphere, he keeps alternating between wearing and not wearing his eyeglasses, depending on the camera angle.

20ep 2 – Romana calls Chris Parsons by his first name, despite not having been told what it is yet.
[Time Lord telepathy, I suppose?]

30ep 2 – When K-9 checks Chronotis's vital signs and proclaims him to be dead, you can clearly see Denis Carey's chest rising and falling as he breathes.

40ep 2 – When the Doctor abandons the bike to escape on foot, he makes no attempt to take the book with him. (Yes, we the viewers know it's no longer there, but the Doctor doesn't know that!) Since the book is the point of the whole enterprise, why would he leave it behind?

50ep 3 – Clare supposedly drops her books when she runs into a college porter, but look carefully and you'll see that she drops them before she actually collides with the porter.

60ep 3 – Skagra takes Romana into the TARDIS, but he forgets the TARDIS key in the door, which remains there as it dematerialises.

70ep 4 – A very prominent boom mike shadow passes over the Doctor's face as he and Chris encounter the aged Think Tank scientists, just as Chris asks "What are they, Doctor?"

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