The Horns of Nimon:

10ep 1,2,4 – The TARDIS wall flats on the far side of the console room seem to have been erected back-to-front for the entire story, resulting in the roundels being raised rather than recessed, and the wooden brace at the corner of the two flats being visible. Wouldn't you love to know what was going on in the set department that day...??
[I realise this technically violates my self-imposed rule about not including cross-story bloopers, but it's such a bone-headed blunder I just couldn't help myself]

20ep 1 – There's a scene when the co-pilot is standing on the Doctor's scarf. The Doctor goes to leave, heading back to the TARDIS, and the end of the scarf flies across the room!

30ep 1,2 – K-9's ears are ridiculously askew in the scene when he is telling the Doctor about the approaching asteroid.

40ep 2 – The asteroid is supposed to be 96.4 kilometres in diameter — in which case the police box in the "cricket ball" shot must be about ten kilometres high!

50ep 2 – When the co-pilot is forced into the maze, you can still see part of him lying in the doorway; the effects don't cover him up completely (look for his shoes!)

60ep 2 – Watch carefully as the Doctor comes out of the TARDIS when it lands on Skonnos, and you'll catch a brief glimpse of the platform behind it through the open door, showing that they didn't bother to put up the back of the police box prop.

70ep 2,3 – Watch the scene where the co-pilot is shot by the Nimon, and you'll see his pants rip straight down the seam at the back — which unfortunately happens to be the part of him facing the camera at the time!

80ep 4 – The walls on Crinoth are very shaky as Romana first encounters the Nimons after leaving the transmat capsule.

90ep 4 – When Romana fires at the Nimon that has just hit Sezom, the ray stops well short of the Nimon (but the creature still collapses to the floor).

100ep 4 – In the fight with the Nimons in the transmat room, while Seth is shooting the first Nimon, Lalla Ward (in the background) steps out of character for a moment to carefully move some of the dangling wires etc. out of the way of the second Nimon so it can approach Seth and get shot in turn.

110ep 4 – Graham Crowden famously overacts in Soldeed's death scene by dissolving into maniacal laughter part-way through. (Apparently, he thought it was just a dress-rehearsal, rather than the actual take)

120ep 4 – The Doctor tells Seth to set free the others, and receives the reply "But they're dead!", which the Doctor refutes by saying that they're only paralysed. Watch the background right at this moment, and notice that one of them wasn't going to let the fact that he was paralysed stop him from moving his leg to get more comfortable.

130ep 4 – After Soldeed pulls the lever that sets the complex on overload, and gets shot by Seth, he crumples to the ground dead beneath the lever. Then, after the Doctor and everyone else get out of the complex, we see a selection of shots taken inside the complex — one of which is the room with the lever that Soldeed pulled, except he's no longer there!

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