Nightmare of Eden:

10ep 1 – In the very first shot of the Empress travelling through space, at the left of frame you can catch a glimpse of the pole that the model is mounted on.

20ep 1 – As the two ships collide, watch the planet Azure in the background. Not only is it rotating amazingly fast for a planet, but the rotation isn't smooth — it suddenly speeds up or slows down for no reason!

30ep 1 – When two crew members investigate the matter interface zone after the collision, one of them strays in front of the blurred zone for an instant, and the blurred effect (which is supposed to be beyond him as we look at the scene) is superimposed over him.

40ep 1 – When the Doctor and Romana emerge from the TARDIS, Romana pulls the door shut behind her, leaving no time for K-9 to follow her out, yet at the end of the scene K-9 has magically appeared in the corridor, ready to trundle off after them.

50ep 1 – The Doctor says he represents "Galactic Insurance and Salvage", but the read-out screen says "Galactic Salvage and Insurance".

60ep 1 – Listen out for Tryst's amazing accent change... from a weird Spanish/German hybrid to Italian in the same scene!

70ep 1 – When K-9 cuts out a section of the wall, a line is clearly visible on the panel showing where the cut will appear.

80ep 2 – As K-9 seals the wall panel, watch out for the hand which emerges to hold it in place.

90ep 2 – When the Doctor first tries to separate the ships he says: "Ready for another try?"

100ep 2 – During the Doctor's pursuit of Stott, he dashes down a couple of flights of stairs. At one point, several of the stairs shift underneath him as his foot strikes them.

110ep 2 – When Stott pushes through the door into the passenger cabin, the entire wall wobbles.

120ep 1,2 – When the Doctor finds the vraxoin vial, he puts it in his right coat pocket, from where it is then removed by Stott. But at the end of episode 2, Costa's scanner finds vraxoin traces in the left pocket.

130ep 3 – In the Eden projection, when a Mandrel moves off after the Doctor and Romana, the head of the Mandrel operator can be clearly seen peering out through the mouth of the costume.

140ep 3 – When the Doctor, Romana and Stott arrive outside the power unit, they talk with K-9 and then the camera angle changes as we see them enter the power unit. Watch K-9's positioning — from being outside the power unit room, facing away from it, he's suddenly inside the room, facing in completely the opposite direction!

150ep 3 – The white inner foam backing of the Mandrel costume is visible when one of the creatures attacks the Doctor in the power unit and is stunned by K-9.

160ep 4 – Dymond pronounces the name of his ship (Hecate) as only two syllables, unlike everyone else in the story.

170ep 4 – Fisk (the policeman) calls Tryst 'Fisk' when he is interrogating him.

180ep 4 – When Dymond and Tryst fight off the Mandrel on the bridge, most of the gunshots are obscured by the creature's body. However, when Dymond's gun does come into view, there are several gunshot sound effects, but only one beam shown.

190ep 4 – Della is shot in the shoulder, but collapses clutching her stomach.

200ep 4 – When the Doctor runs out of the Eden projection and yells at Romana to switch the CET machine off, the crystal on top of the machine is already dark even before she turns it off.

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