The Creature From the Pit:

10ep 1 – Yet again the electrical cable powering the TARDIS console and running out the back of the set is very obvious, when Romana is dragging the box of junk into the console room.

20ep 1 – Just as the Doctor asks where the TARDIS has materialised, watch the control console wobble.

30ep 1 – When the bandits ambush Madam Karela's group, notice that while the bandit who leaps out from behind the tree in the center of the picture was hidden from the camera's view, he would actually have been in full view of the party approaching from behind him!

40ep 1 – After Torvin is shot by K-9, he falls to the ground very slowly and carefully, as if the actor wanted to ensure he landed on something comfortable...!

50ep 2 – When K-9 is being bashed with a hammer by one of the guards in Adrasta's palace, it's clearly a lightweight dummy version rather than the real K-9 prop; just look at how the bottom edge bends when the other guard presses on it.

60ep 2 – When K-9 shoots the guard as part of Romana's "demonstration" of his capabilities, the guard stays upright like a statue for a couple of seconds after being shot, before finally crumpling to the floor.

70ep 3 – Another appearance by the lightweight dummy K-9 is when the dog is being carried by the guards (and Romana) in the Pit. When Romana takes K-9 from the guard and quietly asks about his power levels, she's carrying the dummy version, but in the next camera angle when K-9 answers it's the real one, which is completely free of the dust and cobwebs seen in the previous shot.

80ep 4 – All the stuff about surrounding the neutron star with aluminium to minimise its gravity is complete nonsense — adding mass (of any kind) to the star would simply increase its gravitational field.

90ep 4 – Before the TARDIS console explodes (as Erato is weaving his shell around the neutron star), Tom Baker casts a sharp look over his right shoulder — no doubt looking to see if the ground was clear where he was due to fall.

100ep 4 – Isn't it strange that the hatstand in the TARDIS console room remains upright after all that chaos?

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