City of Death:

10ep 1 – In the first scene, the edge of the glove used for Scaroth's left hand is very obvious as he moves it about.

20ep 1 – The sketch of Romana as seen outside the café is different from the sketch seen inside.

30ep 1 – When a time slip occurs while the Doctor and Romana are looking at the Mona Lisa, the events before and after the slip don't exactly match. In particular, when the tour guide addresses the Doctor and asks him to move along, the first time she goes around him and tries to talk to him, while the second time she doesn't.

40ep 2 – Watch the scene where the Count's henchmen come into the cafe to get the Doctor, Romana and Duggan and usher them all out at gunpoint. When you see them on location in Paris, Duggan's not there! But back at the Count's place, he's reappeared.

50ep 2 – When Hermann locks the Doctor, Romana and Duggan in the basement and Duggan lights the lamp, notice that Tom Baker is standing between that lamp and the actual stage light used to brighten the scene. So, as the lamp is lit in front of him, his back glows bright under the increased illumination... Quite a weird effect.

60ep 2 – When the Doctor opens the locked cellar door with his sonic screwdriver, look at the edge of the door as it opens. You can see that there's no lock on it at all — just a simple ball catch. So he could have just pushed the door open!

70ep 2 – When Duggan does his human battering-ram act to break through into the secret room in the basement, the entire wall (and the adjacent wall as well) wobbles badly.

80ep 2 – Listen to the incidental music as the Doctor wanders around Leonardo's study. After the longish introductory piece has finished, there's a few moments of silence. Then, just before the Doctor says, "Ah, that Renaissance sunshine!" you can hear the first note of another music cue, which is quickly aborted.

90ep 3 – There's a very loud styrofoam squeaking sound as Kerensky enters the secret room in the basement.

100ep 3 – There are no crowds outside the Louvre when the Doctor runs up to it — just two gendarmes. Rather quiet for the world's most famous art gallery, wouldn't you say?

110ep 4 – Watch what Romana does to Professor Kerensky's time machine in order to make it work, and the fatal flaw she makes, considering she is in Paris at the time: she wires up a British (i.e. 3-pin) electric plug.

120ep 4 – The Doctor warns the Count not to mess around in time, and the Count replies with "What else do you ever do?" Unfortunately, it is made clear elsewhere that the Count hasn't heard of Time Lords, the Doctor, TARDISes, etc. before this adventure.

130ep 4 – After Scaroth's departure, when the Doctor rushes out of the lab, followed by Romana and Duggan, he grabs the stair-rail and it wobbles badly.

140ep 4 – During John Cleese's cameo, Tom Baker throws his scarf behind him and hits Lalla Ward in the face with it.

150ep 4 – The Jagaroth ship explodes 400 million years ago, and in doing so supposedly causes the start of life on Earth. However, the start of life on Earth is now generally believed to be around 4,000 million years ago. Also, the Doctor, Romana and Duggan wouldn't have been able to breathe the pre-biological atmosphere.
[Douglas Adams corrected both of these problems when he cannibalised the plotline of this story for Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.]

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