Destiny of the Daleks:

10ep 1 – The door of the police box appears to be somewhat out of shape — there's quite a gap at the bottom even though the door is supposed to be fully closed.

20ep 1 – In the TARDIS console room scenes, an electrical cable can be seen on the floor running from the console out the back of the set. Also, the scanner screen shutters are unusually loose and wobble badly when the scanner is turned on and off.

30ep 1 – In the ruins, the column that falls on the Doctor wobbles around, ironically even as Romana is saying "I can't move it"...!

40ep 1 – When the column first falls on the Doctor, we see it lying over his chest. But in the later scene when he pulls out his copy of The Origins of the Universe, the column is over his legs. If he could free himself to that extent, surely he could have got all the way out?

50ep 1 – The Doctor gives Romana a beeper to remind her when to take her radiation pills, but he doesn't actually give her any pills!

60ep 1 – After Tyssan sees Romana fall down the shaft, he goes to tie a rope around a pillar so he can follow her. The camera follows him, and bumps into something, causing a very obvious picture shake.

70ep 1-4 – Isn't it strange that the Skaro city seems to be populated entirely by studio spot-lamps and luggage trolleys from King's Cross Station?

80ep 2 – Watch the Dalek interrogating Romana as it turns away after the interrogation is finished. One of its neck rings is completely out of alignment, lying at a very obvious angle to the others.

90ep 2 – While being interrogated by the Daleks, Romana says that she doesn't know anything about the Daleks, a fact that the Daleks confirm with their lie-detector. However, in one of the next scenes, she tells the underground slave workers that the Daleks "used to be humanoid themselves". How did she know?
[Maybe she's just a good liar?]

100ep 2 – When the Daleks return to the control room (causing the Doctor and co. to hide), the second Dalek lifts up momentarily as it enters, probably so the operator could get over the door sill.

110ep 3-4 – Whenever Davros moves, you can see the upper half of his body shaking back and forth very quickly, making it blatantly obvious that David Gooderson is waddling along frantically underneath!

120ep 3 – The dust and cobwebs covering Davros somehow completely disappear after his first scene in this episode.

130ep 3 – The pillar that the Doctor pulls free from the pile of rubble makes obvious styrofoam squeaking noises; even more so when Davros scrapes against it as Tyssan pushes him past.

240ep 3 – Commander Sharrel says that Davros is a "mutant humanoid", but the computer screen says "humanoid mutant"!
[There is a difference, y'know]

250ep 3 – The Dalek that eavesdrops on the Doctor and Davros talking in the barricaded room has a squeaky castor or two as it moves off.

260ep 3 – Tom Baker famously fluffs his line when he tells the Daleks to keep away from him and Davros: "Now spack off!"

270ep 3 – While the Doctor is outside the old Kaled city (Davros is inside with the explosive strapped to his chair), the Doctor pulls out his sonic screwdriver and, for no accountable reason, the sound effect of the TARDIS interior is heard in addition to the standard sonic screwdriver noise.

280ep 3 – Watch for the scene where Davros zooms off down a corridor and bounces off a wall!

290ep 3 – Just after the Doctor has escaped and blown up his bomb, Davros goes wheeling around shouting his usual domination plans to anybody who can be bothered to listen. Now watch the Dalek sitting waiting for all the others to go past. Before it moves off after its fellows you can clearly see the entire top section of the Dalek jump up for a second before slamming down again as the unit moves off.

300ep 3,4 – At one point a Dalek says something like, "Self-sacrifice is illogical, therefore impossible" to the Doctor, as if it suddenly thought that it was a Cyberman. Then about ten minutes later, all the Daleks are strapping bombs to themselves to go on a suicide run. What kind of consistency is that??

310ep 4 – In the game "scissors/paper/stone" there is no logically superior choice, so the Movellans shouldn't be trapped in the game as they are.

320ep 4 – When Davros sends out his Dalek suicide squad, the leading Dalek can be seen lifting up as it says "We obey", before moving off.

340ep 4 – Just after Davros has dispatched the six 'real' Daleks wearing explosives, to the right of the picture can be seen another 'cardboard' Dalek with wobbly neck rings, no mesh round the middle, and no ball & socket joint for the visible arm. It also appears to be shaking badly.

350ep 4 – Look closely when three Daleks are seen moving across the wasteland just behind a small sandbank obscuring their bases — they seem to be bobbing up and down just as if they were.. walking? Look more closely and you'll see the actual costumes are very poor — more like cardboard & polystyrene 'dresses'!

360ep 4 – In the shot where five Daleks in a line appear to explode, play it in slow-motion, and notice that in the very last frame prior to detonation, three of the 'real' Daleks just disappear, and the blasts come out of the ground.

370ep 4 – When all the explosive-carrying Daleks are detonated, the shot of two Daleks exploding is used twice, once on its own and once as part of a shot of five Daleks exploding (see previous blooper), just filmed from different angles (it's pretty clear if you watch the background).

380ep 4 – In the final scene, the Doctor and Romana somehow manage to clear the huge chunks of concrete and other rubble from in front of the TARDIS by hand. In fact, at one point, the Doctor even raises a large "concrete" slab above his head before casually tossing it away!

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