The Armageddon Factor:

10ep 1 – As the TARDIS is being buried in the falling debris (which includes some strangely lightweight pillars), you can see that the door is open. But when the Doctor finds it again in episode 3, the door is of course closed — otherwise the Shadow would have been able to just walk in and get the Key.

20ep 2 – Just after K-9 begins blasting the door, look behind Romana and notice the TARDIS — which supposedly left in the previous scene!

30ep 2 – Merak's rad-check sensor doesn't respond to the supposed high radiation zone of K Block. Perhaps he should be less concerned with ensuring Princess Astra carries a working rad-check, and more worried about his own?

40ep 2 – In the first couple of shots of K-9 on the recycling conveyor, his right ear is facing backwards. In later shots, it's magically turned back around the right way.

50ep 2 – When the Doctor tells K-9 to stay in K Block, the metal mutt stops on the end of the Doc's scarf, and Tom has to yank it free.

60ep 3 – There's a close-up of K-9 showing his right ear out of position. The next close-up, as the Doctor goes to pat K-9's ear, shows it correctly positioned — but when the Doctor pats it, he pushes it out of position to match the previous close-up! (In other words, the two shots have been reversed in editing.)

70ep 3 – Shapp's gun falls to pieces when he drops it on the ground after being shot by Mentalis.

80ep 3-6 – The Shadow's domain is continually described as "the third planet" or "the planet of evil," etc., but the model shots show it as some kind of artificial space station, totally at odds with the dark caves and tunnels of the interior scenes.

90ep 4 – Judging from its appearance and the squeaky sounds it makes when Romana fits the fake sixth segment into the Key, the mysterious substance "chronodyne" seems startlingly similar to polystyrene...

100ep 4 – The low-angle shots of the Key (looking up through the coffee table it's resting on) clearly show the top edge of the TARDIS control room walls behind the Doctor and Romana, with what looks like a set of white curtains used as a cheap disguise for the studio lighting gantries that would normally be visible from that angle.

110ep 4 – How exactly does Merak know that only the Doctor and Romana can get into the TARDIS? (Or, indeed, what it is at all, since he's never seen it before?)

120ep 4-6 – When K-9 exits the transmat on the Shadow's world he has magically acquired the new left side with the sliding panel at the bottom which Drax and the Doctor will use in Part 6. This panel disappears again throughout Part 5 before reappearing in the final episode.

130ep 4,5 – On the pictures of the Marshal's ship moving against a starry background on the TARDIS scanner, the "stars" aren't blocked by the ship, but instead appear to faintly overlay it.

140ep 5 – In a low-angle shot of the Doctor, just before he says to the Shadow, "You have the sixth piece, I take it?" a studio light is briefly visible in the top-right corner of the picture.

150ep 6 – Merak demonstrates his psychic powers again by speaking knowledgeably about the sixth segment when neither the Doctor nor Romana have told him anything about it. Shapp also gets into the act, talking about the time loop and how it won't last forever.

160ep 6 – Astra describes herself as the "sixth princess of the sixth dynasty of the sixth royal house of Atrios," which is incorrect since royal houses belong to dynasties, not the other way around! Romana uses the correct formulation a little later, but just to further confuse things, Shadow later on gives a totally different 6-6-6 description ("the sixth child of the sixth generation of the sixth dynasty")...!

170ep 6 – When the Shadow is about to go into the TARDIS, one of the mutes kicks up the carpet on the studio floor. The carpet sits on his foot for a while, then flips up again when he walks off.

180ep 6 – Look carefully at the final TARDIS scene. Just after the Doctor arranges to have the Marshal's missiles deflected onto the Shadow's planet, he explains what he did to Drax, K-9, and Romana. Look behind the Doctor at the TARDIS wall as he does so. The door to the interior of the TARDIS is open, and through it we can see wooden panelling which is probably part of another set (or the back to the TARDIS set), and also something which looks like some black sheets of foil.

190ep 6 – When Astra reappears after the Key is scattered, she has somehow recovered the circlet which Merak earlier used to distract the mute... and has also restored her hairstyle to what it was at the beginning of the story!

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