The Power of Kroll:

10ep 1 – In the opening scene, Fenner takes Thawn's gun and goes to hang it on a nail on the wall, but misses and settles for just leaning it against the wall. By the end of the scene, however, the gun has somehow changed its position so that it is now hanging on the nail, ready for Thawn to lift it off to go hunting Rohm-Dutt.

20ep 1 – At the beginning, Thawn and Fenner go to look for Rohm-Dutt. There are only four people manning the plant, and two of them stay behind — so how is it there are clearly three people on the hovercraft?

30ep 1 – The Doctor's "flute" playing (making vague finger motions along a length of reed) bears absolutely no relationship to the nice bit of classical flute music heard on the soundtrack.

40ep 1 – When the Doctor is talking to Thawn in the control room, he says, "Just the six of you here?" and Thawn replies "Five". Neither of these lines makes sense, since there are only four technicians at the refinery (plus the Swampie Mensch, whom Thawn doesn't count). To confuse things further, when the Doctor says, "I make it six. One, two, three..." he points to himself on "three"! I guess the writer was still counting that extra guy we saw on the hovercraft among the technicians at this point.
[Terrance Dicks corrected this passage in the novelisation so that it better reflects what was on screen]

50ep 2 – When the Doctor saves Romana from the Swampie dressed as Kroll (Skart), he removes the fake head and throws the Swampie to the ground still wearing the rest of the monster costume. When he recovers, however, he isn't wearing any of the costume at all, but is back in the regular Swampie outfit.

60ep 2 – When Skart throws a knife at the Doctor and Romana, the knife actually goes in a completely different direction, off to the right — before bouncing back behind the Doctor!

70ep 2-4 – The Doctor's long green waders alternate between being fully up and being turned down at random points throughout the story. For example, they're turned down during all the scenes in the Swampie settlement (rather inappropriately, since the inner surfaces get drenched when he breaks the window during the storm), but reappear turned up as he and Romana escape and make their way through the swamp. The worst problem is when they arrive back at the refinery — the waders are fully up as they come through the ruined pump room, but have been turned down by the time they are eavesdropping outside the control room.

80ep 2 – The mysterious extra technician on the hovercraft reappears as Thawn sees Kroll appear — the guy with Thawn clearly isn't any of the other characters we've seen, as their reactions to his story once he gets back to the refinery make clear.

90ep 2,3 – When Harg struggles as he is pulled into the pipeline, it shakes very obviously, which makes Dugeen's line after discovering the broken pipeline rather amusing: "Eighty-gauge collodion, just ripped to cardboard!"

100ep 3 – Something bumps the camera, causing the picture to shake, as Rohm-Dutt says (talking of the Sons of Earth) "They believe colonising the planets is a mistake".

110ep 3 – After the Doctor breaks the window, why doesn't the rain pouring in make him and Romana wet?

120ep 4 – The side of the rocket wobbles as the Doctor works on the controls. Then later, when he jumps down from the ladder, the whole wall of the rocket silo behind him moves very obviously.

130ep 4 – After Fenner drags Dugeen's body behind one of the desks, leaving just his legs visible, John Leeson (as Dugeen) can be seen to stretch out his legs as Fenner moves away. His legs can also be seen moving in the background during the subsequent scene between Thawn and the Doctor.

140ep 4 – At the end of the scene, as Thawn is killed, he falls against the rear desk and shoves it out of position. This causes John Leeson's legs to move again!

150ep 4 – When one of Kroll's tentacles smashes through the window Romana is looking out of, the whole wall shakes.

160ep 4 – A final instance of the flimsy walls that infest this episode: as Ranquin is pulled into the pipeline by a Kroll tentacle, the entire wall attached to the pipe wobbles badly.

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