The Androids of Tara:

10ep 1 – In the opening TARDIS scene, an electrical cable is visible on the floor in the background of the wide shots leading from the console out the back of the set.

20ep 1 – In the scenes in Lamia's workshop, boom shadows are visible several times on the brown stone arch in the background by the window. See especially the close-up of her when she examines Romana's ankle.

30ep 1,2 – As the Prince collapses after drinking the drugged wine, his goblet falls to the floor out of vision — with a sound exactly like that of a cheap plastic cup!

40ep 2 – Neville Jason does very well at playing all the scenes as the deactivated android Prince without blinking — except for one blink, visible just as the camera cuts to a shot of the android when the Doctor rushes across to examine it at the start of this episode.

50ep 2-4 – How come Reynart, ruler of the planet, has such a miniscule number of soldiers at his disposal?

60ep 2 – When the android bangs its head against a rock in the tunnels, the rock wobbles ridiculously.

70ep 3 – When the Doctor first enters the Pavilion of the Summer Winds for the Romana exchange, he pushes the door shut behind him. On the ground outside the door, you can see shadows move violently, and just as the door shuts, a hand reaches out from the shadows, grabs the door handle, and closes it.

80ep 3 – Watch the guard at the castle gatehouse (with his back turned to the camera) as Romana goes to sneak past him. In long shot, he's standing with his weight on one leg, with the other leg crossed, but we then cut to a closer shot where he's standing "at ease" before moving into the cross-legged pose!

90ep 3 – Watch for when Count Grendel crosses in front of the set (à la Frank Drebin entering the crime lab in the movie The Naked Gun!) when the Doctor tells Zadek that Grendel has just offered him the throne of Tara.

100ep 4 – Zadek tells the Doctor the timbers on the castle water-gate must be "a foot thick", but when K-9 cuts through it, it's just a normal half-inch thick piece of wood.

110ep 4 – There's a lovely moment in this story where Tom Baker starts to cross himself before a duel — he tries to cover it up by running a hand through his hair, but I know a good Catholic when I see one!

120ep 4 – The picture shakes during the duel on the battlements, as the Doctor is pushed away by Grendel and falls down near the camera.

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