The Stones of Blood:

10ep 1 – Watch out for the boom microphone which makes an appearance in the first scene set in the stone circle.

20ep 1 – And watch out for the stepladder which is plainly visible behind the roundels of the control room walls as the TARDIS is landing on Earth.

30ep 1 – The crow that Romana sees landing on one of the stones causes it to wobble visibly.

40ep 1 – When Vivien Fay and Professor Rumford head off to the cottage for tea, leaving Romana in the stone circle, Miss Fay can clearly be seen to be wearing the pendant that later turns out to be the third segment. Yet Romana uses the Tracer immediately after they leave (even pointing it in the direction they've gone) and gets no signal whatsoever.

50ep 2 – When the Doctor and Romana rejoin Professor Rumford and Vivien Fay in the stone circle after Romana's rescue from the cliff edge, Romana uses the Tracer and gets what seems to be a fairly widespread signal for the third segment. But shouldn't the Tracer point straight to Miss Fay, since (again) she's wearing the pendant that turns out to be the segment?

60ep 3 – Just after the Doctor and Professor Rumford are in the secret room of De Vries' house and find the pictures of Vivien Fay, an Ogri discovers them and chases them out of the cellar. The scene ends with a dramatic shot of the Ogri lumbering straight towards the camera and blocking out the screen. However, as it does so, before it gets to the camera, if you look to the right-hand side of the Ogri, you can see a bearded production crew member standing there reading a clipboard. You can also see two other stagehands in shot during this scene, one of whom is pushing the Ogri into place.

70ep 3 – When the Doctor is teaching Professor Rumford to operate the beam machine, they talk about waiting until "the needle on the dial" registers 0037. However, when we later see close-ups of the machine, it has a digital readout instead of a dial.

80ep 3 – On the ship, when the Doctor and Romana leave the cell area and walk toward the ship's control room, their footsteps and dialogue are very obviously dubbed.

90ep 4 – Another boom mike is briefly visible in the cottage as Romana and Professor Rumford discuss the cookbook with the crossed-out recipes.

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