The Pirate Planet:

10ep 1 – When the Doctor rips a page from the TARDIS manual, the piece of paper he "tears" out of the book is obviously not actually part of the book, but was just inserted for the scene — it's very thin paper, and it has handwriting all over it rather than print! Handwriting can also be seen scrawled on the page Romana was previously reading, which swings back and stays up in the air before Mary Tamm can smooth it down.

20ep 1-4 – In real life, just before this story began shooting, Tom Baker was bitten by an overenthusiastic dog, leaving him with a visible cut on his upper lip. An attempt was made to explain it off within the story by having the Doctor bang his face against the TARDIS console during their near-collision with Zanak. But regardless, Tom's lip is shown in various out-of-order degrees of healing throughout the story, depending on the shooting sequence.

30ep 2 – Watch for the scene where K-9 gives the Doctor a readout of the Mentiads' "peak power level" (5347.2). The number which Tom Baker repeats back to K-9 is not the same (543.72), yet the metal mutt says "Affirmative".

40ep 2 – The same scene contains another case of K-9 magically changing his position. When the scene starts K-9 is on the side of the couch nearest the camera, but while the Doctor is talking with Kimus and Mula, K-9 somehow gets transferred to the other side of the couch.

50ep 2 – When the Doctor creates a trail of sweets to distract the guard in the air-car, the trail appears instantaneously — it's not visible in the wide shot as the Doctor and Kimus hide behind the pillar, but it's suddenly just there when the Doctor tosses the bag of jelly babies onto the air-car and the guard gets out to investigate. Not only that, but the "jelly babies" on the floor actually contain a large number of liquorice allsorts among them.

60ep 3 – When the Mentiads rescue the Doctor and co. from the guards by using a force-wall, on two occasions the force-wall effect stays around for one frame too long and is overlaid onto a reaction shot of the Doctor by mistake.

70ep 3 – Despite supposedly being almost frozen in time, the old Queen Xanxia can be seen quite obviously blinking, breathing and otherwise moving around whenever the camera is focused on her (and sometimes even when she's just in the background).

80ep 4 – When the Doctor executes "Newton's Revenge," the wall containing the control panel for the inertia neutraliser wobbles badly as he leans against it.

90ep 4 – When the Doctor and Romana prepare to jam Zanak's jump to Earth, the central column of the TARDIS console is already moving up and down even before the Doctor tells Romana to dematerialise.

100ep 4 – At the start of the final TARDIS scene, when the Doctor enters the control room, a blank studio wall is clearly visible through the doorway instead of the normal black void.

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