The Ribos Operation:

10ep 1 – Watch Garron's wrist communicator when he's undoing the clamps on that manhole thingy. It keeps half-falling off and flapping about the place.

20ep 1 – The first scene on Ribos is all Dickens-y and atmospheric, what with the falling snow and all. Shame the sound of the footfalls makes it clear it's a wooden floor!

30ep 1 – Garron tells Unstoffe "The Graff Vynda-K is arriving," pronouncing the Graff's name as "Vine-da K." In the rest of the story it is always "Vin-da," with a short 'i' sound.

40ep 1 – Just how does Unstoffe manage to glue the section of glass he cuts out of the display case back without leaving so much as a scratch or mark on the glass panel?
[At least in the novelisation, Ian Marter has him remove and replace the entire panel, which makes more sense]

50ep 1,2 – The Doctor lifts the bar off the Relic Room door and puts it aside to the left of the door. However, when the Shrieve Captain finds the bar in the next episode, it's propped up to the right of the door.

60ep 2 – When Romana is hiding behind the screen, there's a guard to her right. He briefly flicks his eyes to his left as he prepares to leave — so how come he doesn't see Romana, especially as she's popping in and out from behind the screen like a cuckoo from a clock?

70ep 2,3 – The cliffhanger to Part 2 is something of a cheat, since Sholakh's orders to the guards to "Take aim" and "Prepare to fire" are missing in the reprise.

80ep 3 – When the Doctor, Romana and Garron walk out of the Graff's apartments, the Doctor's scarf is all tucked up, but when they cut to a different shot of him crossing the threshold, his scarf's dangling all of a sudden.

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