The Invasion of Time:

10ep 1 – The Doctor is wearing his scarf on the Vardan ship. But it's on the hat-stand when he returns to the TARDIS.

20ep 1-5 – The doors to the chancellor's and president's offices cause several continuity problems throughout the story. All the scenes set in the two offices show the doors opening inwards. However, in several scenes set in the corridors outside, the doors are shown as opening outwards instead. For example: in Part 1 the Doctor pulls the chancellor's door outwards when he goes to enter. Yet when Andred announces him to Borusa, both doors are shown opened inwards. But, I hear you say, so what? Haven't I ever heard of doors that swing both ways? (fnarr fnarr) OK, well try this for size: In Part 4, the Doctor pulls open the left-hand door to the president's office — note the lack of relief-work on the inside surface of the door. But then the Doc quickly steps inside and closes the door, and we cut to a shot of him inside the office, spinning the locking wheels on the suddenly lead-lined door.
[If you think this could be explained by them being separate "inner" and "outer" doors on the way in, sorry to disappoint you — the scenes of the Sontarans breaking into the president's office in Part 5 clearly show that there's just a single set of doors.]

30ep 2 – Tom Baker jostles the camera as he goes past it while playing hopscotch in the Citadel corridor.

40ep 2 – When K-9 blasts the guard protecting the transduction barrier equipment, the guard drops his staser as he falls, and it breaks apart as it hits the ground.

50ep 3,4 – The shadow of a stagehand is visible through the roundels on the TARDIS doors, giving them a push to open them. Then, as Andred enters, the same stagehand's leg is briefly visible as he retreats around the back of the TARDIS set.

60ep 4 – When K-9 stuns Andred, the beam emanates from the top of his snout, rather than from his blaster nozzle!

70ep 3,4 – Watch for the scene where the Doctor puts the crown on K-9's head. He had to place it over the tin hound's ears, as it wouldn't fit over the back of his head. However, in the later scene where the Doctor gives Andred his helmet back,the crown has mysteriously shifted to the back of K-9's head.

80ep 4 – When the Doctor leaves Andred and K-9 in the TARDIS, K-9's right ear is facing backwards.

90ep 4 – Some of the shots of the Doctor dismantling the force-field are shown back-to-front — look for the smudge of grease or soot on his cheek which changes from the right to the left side of his face, and then back to the right.

100ep 5 – More camera shake: As Leela moves out of shot after leaving the injured Jasko, the picture wobbles.

110ep 5/6 – As the TARDIS is drawn into a "black star" and the Doctor and Rodan are tossed about, watch how a cushion mysteriously appears from nowhere to... er, cushion Rodan's fall to the floor!

120ep 6 – In a scene where the Doctor, Leela and Rodan are walking through the corridors of the TARDIS, they stop to talk, and Leela ends up standing on the Doctor's scarf. Before Leela can say her line ("Doctor, we've been here before"), Tom Baker, in character, interrupts with: "Will you get off my scarf, please?", then jerks the scarf out from under her foot.
[According to Louise Jameson, this was unintentional, hence its inclusion here as a blooper]

130ep 6 – One of the Sontarans chasing the Doctor and co. by the TARDIS swimming pool nearly goes flying as he jumps over a chair.
[The actor claimed this was deliberate, but of course he'd say that...]

140ep 6 – Watch the same Sontaran try valiantly to fall into the TARDIS swimming pool — and fail! After he trips over the chair you can see him scoot over twice towards the pool, but it's still too far away for him to fall in.

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