10ep 1 – K-9's ears are totally askew in the scene where he detects the pulsing of the Minyan ion drive.

20ep 1 – After Leela blasts the door of the storage room open, she and the Doctor pick themselves up and move to the doorway, with K-9 behind them. The camera angle changes, and they exchange several lines of dialogue in the doorway before stepping through it and down the corridor, followed by K-9 — but notice that K-9 was already sitting in the corridor, having somehow manoeuvred his way over the raised sill of the doorway without any visible assistance!

30ep 1,2 – Ever wanted to make a astrophysicist break down in uncontrollable laughter? Try showing them the scene at the end of episode 1, where the R1C (the Minyan spaceship) somehow emits so much gravity that it causes nearby rocks to literally stick to its hull while flying through a nebula... and those rocks in turn attract more rocks, instantly forming a planet! Once they recover their composure, they might take the time to explain that planet formation is a gradual process where dust and gas coalesce over the course of millions of years. Not the nearly-instant "rolling a snowball" process we see on screen — no matter how much gravity the ship is emitting!

40ep 2 – It's well-documented that the running time of this story was initially several minutes too short, so multiple shots were re-used in the final edit, to act as "padding". Most of the obvious examples are from episode 2, as follows:

  • A group of Trogs running from a "sky-fall" (seen twice)
  • A squad of guards, led by Rask, walking through a tunnel (seen twice in this episode, and reused again in Episode 4)
  • A close-up of a security camera, travelling along a guide-rail from right to left (seen three times!)
  • A shot of Idas running away from the camera, then looking back and dodging around a corner (seen twice)

50ep 2 – A special case of recycled footage: the Doctor and Leela hide in a covered mine bucket from some guards, and there's a quick cutaway shot of the Doctor adjusting the cloth cover just before the guards arrive. All well and good, but then while the guards are chatting away right in front of the bucket, we see the same cutaway of the Doctor's hand moving the cloth for absolutely no reason at all! It may have been intended to increase the tension of the scene, but in fact it merely makes the viewer wonder if the guards are all blind. (Then, for good measure, after the guards have finally gone, part of the cutaway is used yet again to suggest the Doctor removing the cloth before we cut to a view of them clambering out of the bucket!)

60ep 2 – The large free-standing boulder wobbles visibly as Herrick attaches his marker to it.

70ep 3 – Another physics howler: apparently there's zero gravity in the transport shaft because it's at the exact centre of the planet. However, just what confines the zero-g effect to that shaft is never explained.
[In reality, every point inside a hollow planet would be at zero-g]

80ep 3 – Leela is told to throw her weapon down and she does, but despite her dropping it on a rock floor we don't hear it land!

90ep 4 – More reused footage: the shot of a group of guards charging down one of the P7E's corridors in response to the Oracle's alarm is seen twice.

100ep 4 – When the Doctor finds out that the race banks given to Jackson are really fission grenades, he runs out of the ship to get rid of them. Leela follows, carrying a shield gun on her right arm. When she gets into the tunnel, the gun is gone (and feeling rather unprotected she draws her knife) — but when we next see her see her saving the Doctor, she's got the gun back again!

110ep 4 – There's a scene where the Doctor lifts a small girl (one of the cave-dwellers) in his arms — and her little bare behind can be seen for a brief moment. It's hardly "indecent", just slightly noteworthy as being one of the few incidences of mooning in the series.
[For the others, see The Romans and The Greatest Show in the Galaxy]

120ep 4 – Why does the Doctor leave the Minyans to make a 400-year journey home in their tiny, cramped ship? Couldn't he have just taken them all home in the TARDIS?

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