10ep 1 – Beside the "real" police box there's a litter-bin — with a 'Take Your Litter Home' sign beside it! Isn't that a bit counter-productive?

20ep 1-4 – In the TARDIS console room, the electrical cable powering the console can be glimpsed in all four episodes (e.g. Tom Baker is lying across it in his scenes in the shrunken TARDIS in Part 3). Perhaps its most blatant appearance is in the shot of Adric and Nyssa leaving the TARDIS after it lands on Earth in Part 4.

30ep 1,2 – Watch out for the really awful audio dubbing on Tom Baker in the TARDIS console room, just before the TARDIS arrives on Earth. It happens again in Part 2, after the jettisoning of Romana's room.

40ep 1,2 – A very annoying inconsistency in this story is the magically metamorphing door control lever.
  • When the TARDIS materialises "2.6 metres" away from the police box on the Barnet bypass, Adric's hand reaches out for the familiar red door control lever. Seeing this, the Doctor says, "No!" Adric replies, "Aren't we going outside to measure it?", confirming that this red lever is indeed the door control.

  • Later on, when the Doctor goes outside to investigate the gravity bubble, he pushes the black lever with the grey handle to open the doors.
  • And finally, when the Doctor materialises the TARDIS underwater (or so he thinks), Adric uses that weird green and grey hollow button to open the door. He sticks his finger in the hollow part, then runs to the door to brace himself against it. He uses it again to close the doors when they come back in after seeing the Watcher.

[Make your mind up already!]

50ep 1 – When the Doctor replaces the dangling telephone in its compartment in the police box, he can't get the small panel to close properly. In subsequent shots, the panel alternates a couple of times between being open and being closed.

60ep 1 – Janet Fielding memorably fluffs a line with, "My neem... my name's Tegan Jovanka".

70ep 2 – Why does the policeman believe that the doll-like corpses are actually corpses and not... well, dolls?

80ep 2 – Adric has wet trousers when leaving the TARDIS — not for the reason you'd think, but because of his faked bike accident, which doesn't happen until later in the story!

90ep 2 – The Master's TARDIS materialises on Logopolis in the rather conspicuous form of a tree, and right next to the group (including the Monitor) waiting to welcome the Doctor — and none of them show the slightest reaction. Amazing.

100ep 2,3 – Why is the computer room on Logopolis covered in cobwebs and dust even before the Master releases entropy and the city starts falling apart?

110ep 2 – The Monitor tells the Doctor that the Logopolitan computer room is "a perfectly logical copy" of the Pharos project. This presumably came about because the actor wasn't aware that Christopher Bidmead was using the word "logical" in its computer-related sense. In the novelisation, Bidmead corrects this phrase to "a perfect logical copy," thereby implying that the Logopolitans took the abstract mathematical essence of the Pharos project and supplied "the necessary raw energy" (to quote the Monitor from elsewhere in this scene) to produce their computer room — rather than, say, building something in the ordinary way which just happened to resemble the Pharos project. Not understanding this, John Fraser 'corrected' the script to produce something that makes grammatical sense (for the everyday definition of "logical") but is otherwise completely meaningless.

120ep 3 – When the Master puts the bracelet around Nyssa's wrist, part of it breaks off.

130ep 4 – When Adric takes the TARDIS back into the universe, watch the red lever on the console just as he says, "Hold on, here we go!": he starts to push it up, it starts to fall, and he tries to cover up by pulling it down the rest of the way, all in about two seconds.

140ep 4 – In the middle of his speech suggesting what he and the Doctor can do to stop the universe disintegrating, the Master jerks his head in the direction of the Monitor to indicate to Tegan she should look over at him.

150ep 4 – For a story based so solidly in mathematics and science, the sight of Adric and Nyssa supposedly seeing the entire universe at once on the TARDIS scanner screen (and then being able to zoom in to any point in it, e.g. Earth or Traken) is rather embarrassing. And please, let's not even talk about the ending, with the Master trying to blackmail the whole universe using a radio telescope and a small dictaphone...

160ep 4 – On Earth, the TARDIS clearly lands in front of the Pharos project telescope dish, but the scanner shows a shot of the back of the dish.

170ep 4 – When the Doctor is fighting the Master outside on the radio telescope, he uses his scarf to trip the Master up. Where did he find the time to do this, since the Master was only a few seconds behind him? Just afterwards, when the Master runs back inside the control room to tilt the telescope, the Doctor has his scarf back around his neck. Again, how did he find the time to do this??

180ep 4 – At the end, while the Doctor clings onto the tilting radio telescope as the Master looks on, it is painfully obvious that a freeze frame special effect (or a cardboard cutout) is being used in place of actual footage of Anthony Ainley.

190ep 4 – When the Doctor pulls the cord out, as the radio telescope is tilting, the sparks don't fall down — they fall sideways.
[Because the effect was achieved by tilting the camera sideways, unsurprisingly enough]

200ep 4 – The Master's shadow is still plainly visible on the wall of the antenna control room as his TARDIS dematerialises.

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