The Robots of Death:

10ep 1 – When the Doctor leaves the TARDIS, he is wearing his scarf. As he is escorted to Uvanov's cabin, it has vanished. It re-appears when he leaves the cabin.

20ep 1 – When the Doctor and Leela are in Uvanov's cabin to await questioning (after they were rescued from the miner's scoop), a robot is shown listening outside the door. As he does so, you can clearly see the actor's neck between the mask and his polo-neck jumper! Also, this eavesdropping robot is clearly a Voc, but isn't it supposed to be D84 (who was right behind the Doctor and Leela as they were led to the cabin)?

30ep 1 – As the Doctor works on unlocking the door of Uvanov's cabin, Leela runs up the steps to join him. When she does so, she grabs the curved end of the "metal" stair-rail, and it bends up and flops back into position with a complete lack of solidity.

40ep 2 – Uvanov accuses Leela of having killed three people when she is caught in his quarters. However, although it's true that Chub, Kerril and Cass are dead at this point, Uvanov doesn't yet know about Kerril's death — Poul comes in a moment later and tells him.
[Terrance Dicks corrected this error in the novelisation]

50ep 2 – Uvanov flubs his line just after Leela is caught: "If we could have got her to tell her what those corpse markers were, we'd be halfway to a confession!" I think he meant "us".

60ep 2 – The identity of the murderer is unintentionally given away when his striped trousers are visible in the scene where he orders a robot to kill Zilda.

70ep 2 – The Doctor mispronounces "Terran" (Earthling) as "Tehran" (capital of Iran).

80ep 3 – As Dask goes to cut the second control link, the explosion happens a couple of seconds too soon, before he has finished positioning the cutters.

90ep 3 – You can see a studio cameraman in the background when Toos says "There's a strict legal code covering the disposal of robots".

100ep 3 – When SV7 comes into Taren Capel's workshop, its usual eyes are missing — only black discs are visible (later in the scene, these are overlaid with the red speckled pattern to show the robot being reprogrammed). Also, Taren Capel's identity is again accidentally given away, with the image of Dask on the screen being insufficiently distorted.

110ep 3 – When the Doctor confronts D84, the robot is shown in profile as the Doctor forces it to speak. The movement of the actor's jaw is clearly visible behind the mask.

120ep 3 – When Taren Capel is modifying a Voc robot, there is a shot of the robot's agitated hands as he reassures it. On the silver gloves, the "Marigold" logo is obvious.
[It must have been on washing-up duty that day]

130ep 3 – After the newly reprogrammed SV7 leaves Toos' quarters, the next shot shows Leela hammering on the locked door to the crew room, yelling for help. Now, keep an eye on the gold statue visible near the centre of the room. As the scene comes up, a studio light comes on a little late — a bright light suddenly illuminates the gold statue about a second after the cameras start rolling.

140ep 3 – Watch really closely when Leela throws the knife at one of the robots. You can see the knife fall to the floor about a second after she throws it. Then, of course, the next shot shows the knife sticking out of the robot's chest.
[Guess Leela isn't quite as good a shot as we thought]

150ep 3 – When Toos is being hunted by a robot, she shuts the door on its hand. When you see it from the inside of the room, the hand is trapped at a different place to the next shot (from outside).

160ep 4 – Watch the scene where Uvanov sticks a Laserson probe into the head of one of the Vocs (V4) as it is strangling the Doctor. After he shoves the probe in, you can quite clearly see the suit's helmet come away from the rest of the suit.

170ep 4 – When the Doctor, carrying Uvanov, confronts SV7 and the other killer robots, SV7's eyes show the blank CSO discs that, mistakenly, have not been overlaid with the red glitter effect.

180ep 4 – When Leela runs into Toos' quarters (and finds D84 leaning over Toos), we see a low-angle shot of her entering the room. Look at the brief shots of her before and after D84's line, "Please do not throw hands at me", and you'll see the front of the camera that took that low-angle shot jutting out into the doorway behind her, before it slowly retreats out of vision.

190ep 4 – When Toos and Leela are hiding in the ore hopper, V5 and V6 are about to open the hopper when one robot says, "V's 35 to 40 have searched there already." He must have forgotten that V35 has spent the entire story in the robot mortuary!

200ep 4 – In all of the scenes on the control deck in this episode, the actors playing the frozen, deactivated robots struggle unsuccessfully to remain still in the background.

210ep 4 – Tom Baker slightly fluffs Taren Capel's name when the Doctor says to Uvanov, "The killers are controlled by Tarel Capel".

220ep 4 – While the Doctor is patching the communicator into the android's head, he takes off the communicator's top, yet magically it's back on a few seconds later.

240ep 4 – Immediately after the Doctor stabs SV7 in the back of the head and the robot crashes to the floor, the next scene shows the fallen figure of SV7 in the background — breathing heavily, with his chest moving up and down.

250ep 4 – At the story's climax, Leela is hiding in a cupboard with a canister of helium, which alters the voices of everyone in the room except the Doctor (supposedly because of his biology). Hence, Taren Capel and Leela had their voices filtered in post-production while the Doctor's was left unchanged. The technicians made an error, however: when Leela finally squeaks, "Will somebody let me out?", the Doctor quickly rejoinders with "Ha!" His short exclamation is in a much higher octave than the rest of his following line. Sounds like they included it in the filtration process by mistake.

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