The Face of Evil:

10ep 1,2 – Leela seems to have trouble with Calib's name: she alternates between pronouncing it "Kallib" and "Kay-lib".

20ep 1 – I'd love to hear the writer of this story explain how invisible "creatures" composed purely of energy are capable of leaving footprints...

30ep 2 – Just before the Doctor is put to the test at the end of the episode, he is taken to the pit and says, "So that's a Horda". The poor little Horda he's talking about is quite obviously being pulled along on a just-visible thin wire.

40ep 2 – More name trouble: the Doctor pronounces Tomas's name as "Thomas" when he gives him the gun.

50ep 3 – As the Doctor and Leela try to enter Xoanon's Sacred Temple, there's a Tesh standing guard with a blaster. So our heroes lure him away from the door, whereupon Leela knocks the guard out, sending the blaster spinning off down the corridor behind her. The Doctor looks at the unconscious Tesh, and heads off towards Xoanon. Leela follows, but not before bending straight down and picking up the blaster, which is suddenly right next to the Tesh.

60ep 4 – Though the gun beams rarely come straight out of the nozzle, in one scene this fact is very apparent. At the beginning of the episode, Leela enters the "Sacred Chamber" to rescue the Doctor from Xoanon and shoots at the walls. Her arm moves the gun around quite a bit, but this has no effect on the beam it emits. It continues to flow outwards from the same point, very far away from the gun barrel.

70ep 4 – A few scenes later, Leela's mind is taken over by Xoanon and she attempts to shoot the Doctor with one of the Tesh's guns. In avoiding the beam, he jumps up, turns and comes toward the camera while Leela is shooting. Though the beam is supposed to be behind him (Leela is standing farther from the camera than he is), it appears in front of him, because the special effects technicians didn't bother to fix the scene up. The result is pure silliness.

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