The Deadly Assassin:

10ep 1 – As the guards enter the TARDIS to arrest the Doctor, one of them has some difficulty getting through the door.

20ep 1 – When the Doctor has constructed his decoy with his pipe and hat, one of the Council guards turns and looks right at Tom Baker as he's sneaking out of the TARDIS (his decoy having worked). It's blatantly obvious that anyone with eyes in their head would actually have seen him had they been looking at him like that! Quite amusing.

30ep 1 – When one of the guards is shot by the Master right next to the Doctor, the guard cringes slightly before the sound of the gun and the light go off.
[What a pansy!]

40ep 1 – When Hilred reports to Spandrell his failure to capture the Doctor, he says: "We searched the tower, Castellan. All fifty-two floors. Nothing." Yet earlier we heard that the communications tower has fifty-three floors.
[Terrance Dicks corrected this error in the novelisation]

60ep 2 – The Doctor isn't wearing his scarf when he enters the Matrix, but he materialises in the Matrix-world with it around his neck.
[Presumably a cheat by the writer to facilitate the scene where the Doctor goes over the cliff and has to use his scarf to try to rescue himself]

60ep 4 – Erik Chitty (playing Engin) shows us how he feels about the Master when he comes out with the line: "It's we who should thank you, Doctor, for destroying the Baster".

70ep 4 – In one of the final scenes, the Master's grandfather clock TARDIS is seen at an angle, and you can clearly see that it's just a board with a door held up with some planks of wood.
[So much for that wonderful Time Lord technology]

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