The Hand of Fear:

10ep 1 – When Abbott (the man at the quarry) confronts the Doctor after the explosion, the camera angle switches several times between a shot from in front of the Doctor, looking at his face, and one from behind, looking over his shoulder. The blooper is that in the shot from behind, the Doctor's face is practically touching the large stone block he's hanging on to, whereas in the face-on shot, his face is well away from the block as he talks to Abbott.

20ep 2 – When the hand is seen crawling about the floor (CSO'ed onto the background) the shadow it casts is often going in the wrong direction.

30ep 2 – When the guard (Elgin) in the decontamination room is talking to Professor Watson, the wall-mounted communicator he is using slides around under his hand, almost falling off the wall.

40ep 2 – Look carefully at the shot of the hand lying on its side in the safe (just before it grabs Driscoll's fingers) and you'll see the arm belonging to the prop's operator, covered in black cloth, extending towards the back of the safe!

50ep 2 – As the Doctor comes through the door into the decontamination room (and sees Driscoll leaving through the opposite door), the over-the-shoulder shot momentarily reveals the top edge of the decontamination room set.

60ep 2-3 – There's a nasty cheat at the end of Part Two, when we see Professor Watson lying on the floor in a distinctly deadish way. When the next episode starts, he skips merrily to his feet in a much quicker time.

70ep 3 – During the missile attack, the sky is cloudy when viewed from the ground, but the stock footage of RAF planes shows a clear sky.

80ep 3 – In Sarah's line to Eldrad, "Why must he help you?", the first word was accidentally included in the sound treatment used to lower Judith Paris' voice as Eldrad, resulting in it sounding quite different to the rest of the line.

90ep 4 – As the Doctor and Sarah dodge an underground rockfall, Sarah falls back against some rocks, with Eldrad falling on top of her. The double impact makes the "rocks" shake noticeably.

100ep 4 – When Sarah Jane is supposedly dangling above the abyss, she's clearly standing on a flat surface.

110ep 4 – Eldrad jumps his cue and interrupts Sarah Jane while she and the Doctor are having an aside. This happens just after they discover that Rokon (king of Kastria) has in fact been dead for a long time. The exchange goes like this:

Sarah: "But we saw him... he spoke!"
The Doctor: "A recording from the past. The king obviously knew there was a chance that Eldrad would return."

Sarah's reply is supposed to be "The booby traps!", but Eldrad is too busy blithering on about being robbed of his destiny in the background. Lis Sladen waits politely, then delivers her line.

120ep 4 – After Eldrad sees the recorded message from Rokon, he gets ever so slightly annoyed and starts stomping round the room as he makes a speech which starts "Is this my reward?". As he does so, you can just make out the dark outline of a BBC camera through the doorway behind Sarah. If you're in any doubt that it's a camera, immediately afterwards we cut to a shot of the Doctor and Sarah from that angle.

130ep 4 – When the Doctor is setting the trap for Eldrad with his scarf, he bumps into one of the large polystyrene rocks, which wobbles quite amusingly.

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