The Masque of Mandragora:

10ep 1 – When the TARDIS is being pulled into the Mandragora Helix, the Doctor tells Sarah to say the alphabet backwards in order to maintain her concentration, but she doesn't quite manage to get it right. The Doctor starts off with "Z... Y... X..." and she continues with "W... U... V... T... S..."

20ep 1 – The catacomb wall Sarah is chained to is quite shaky as the Brethren force her into the sacrificial robe.

30ep 1,2 – There's a lot of confusion about what time of day various scenes are taking place: the Doctor's (near-)execution takes place in broad daylight, yet a few scenes before, we saw a soldier announcing the nightly curfew before being fried by the Helix energy. Shortly after escaping from Federico's men (still in broad daylight), the Doctor finds and rescues Sarah from the Brethren. However, when they reach the exit from the catacombs the Doctor looks out and sees some soldiers searching for them in near-darkness!

40ep 2 – The resolution of Part 1's cliffhanger is ridiculous — how does the Doctor's scarf managed to knot itself around the executioner's foot so he can be pulled off his feet? And shortly after the Doctor starts his mad dash for freedom on horseback, the scarf is somehow back perfectly in place around his neck.

50ep 2 – The secret door in the catacombs causes the whole wall to wobble when Hieronymous passes through it (on his way to the sacrifice ceremony).

60ep 3 – Hieronymous speaks spookily and intimidatingly until his grammatical flub about eight minutes into the episode: "The great god's dwelling place must not be defiled by unbelievers in this last hours." Er, quite.

80ep 3 – Hieronymous mangles another line when he attempts to order Sarah to "destroy him now!" The last word comes out sounding more like "no!" — no wonder Sarah was confused...

90ep 4 – After Federico gets incinerated by Hieronymous, the two guards he brought with him to the temple just vanish without explanation. They're not killed (on-screen, at least) by the Brethren, yet we see the Doctor leave the temple alone, and Rossini tells Sarah, just before the Doctor reappears in the dungeon, that no-one has yet come back from the temple.

100ep 4 – At one point, the Doctor has a line about being able to use Galileo's telescope 50 years later. Nice try Doc, but no banana — this story is set sometime in the 1470's, and Galileo introduced his telescope in 1610, meaning a wait of almost 140 years.

110ep 4 – In the final scene, Sarah is wearing a distinctly twentieth-century coat over her costume — a coat that she hadn't worn at any previous point in the story. Presumably this was because it was rather cold when that scene was recorded (the actors' breath can be seen misting over several times) and having Sarah shivering would give away the un-Mediterranean climate in which the story was filmed!

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