The Seeds of Doom:

10ep 1 – The fake snow looks relatively credible... until the scene where the Doctor digs up the second Krynoid pod. It's so obviously made from chunks of styrofoam that Tom Baker looks like he's unwrapping a mail-order package.

20ep 1,2 – Pay close attention to the chessboard propped up against the wall in the Antarctic base. In episode 1, it's positioned so that the upper-left square is white, but by episode 2 it has been rotated 90 degrees, so that the upper-left square is black instead.

30ep 2 – When Sarah discovers the dead Moberley at the start of the episode, there's a big close-up of the body — whose eyelids can be seen flickering.

40ep 2 – When Keeler and Scorby are in the Antarctic base alone and a call comes in on the radio, Scorby answers it and talks to the people on the other end for a while. The problem is — when he stops talking, he's supposed to flip the switch on the radio from 'send' to 'receive' so that he can receive the transmissions from the other end (since that's how 2-way radios normally function). However, on at least two occasions, the voice of the other people comes in before he flips the switch.

50ep 4 – The door to the room in the cottage where Keeler is being held creaks loudly and long (in a very unrealistic way, too) when Sarah first opens it, but all the other times it is opened in this episode (e.g. when Hargreaves comes in to feed Keeler, and when Sarah opens it again to exit the room) it makes no sound at all.

60ep 4 – Tony Beckley (playing Harrison Chase) is somewhat hampered by the gloves he's wearing in the scene where he pays Amelia Ducat. He accidentally tears out two cheques from his chequebook instead of one!

70ep 4 – Sarah's scream at the advancing Krynoid at the episode's climax is a classic example of inability to suspend disbelief. She's looking at this big green plastic thing, and it shows on her face. What's more, her actual scream couldn't have been very convincing — it was clearly dubbed in afterwards.

80ep 5 – Scorby yanks on the door of the cottage before he opens it. While he's yanking, the wall to the right of the door wobbles.

90ep 5 – In several shots of the Krynoid after daybreak, it's pictured with trees and sky behind it (a blue CSO screen, naturally) — notice that the trees in many of those blue screen shots have no leaves on them. Then, compare this to the real trees seen elsewhere in episode 5 — not a single one of them lacks foliage.
[However, Autumn does inexplicably start to arrive in episode 6]

100ep 6 – Watch for the priceless moment when Tom Baker almost grabs Elisabeth Sladen's chest (during the "Steam!" scene).

110ep 6 – As the Doctor and Sarah flee the house through the undergrowth (which is supposedly moving wildly in order to ensnare them) their hair is blown about as well by the wind machines that move the plants. When they look up to see the house burning, in fact, Sarah looks like she's just been standing next to a jet engine!

120ep 6 – How does the TARDIS get to Antarctica at the end of the story? Sarah says the Doctor "forgot to cancel the co-ordinate program", but the TARDIS never went to Antarctica in the first place — the Doctor and Sarah travelled there by helicopter.

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