The Brain of Morbius:

10ep 1-4 – Wouldn't it have been a lot easier if Solon had just transferred Morbius's brain into the Doctor's body instead of the roundabout route of chopping off the Doctor's head, attaching it to the creature and only then transplanting the brain?

20ep 1-4 – A general problem throughout the story is the creaking and clumping which emanates from the hexagonal "rock" formations as characters make their way across them in the "exterior" scenes.

30ep 1 – Philip Madoc gives a powerful performance as Solon in this story, but he does manage to amusingly mangle a few lines of his dialogue. When welcoming the Doctor and Sarah in out of the rain, he gives the startling order "Condo, take their clothes!" Then just a few seconds later, we hear the ungrammatical "Condo, stir yourselves!"
[In the novelisation, Terrance Dicks has Solon say "things" rather than "clothes", which makes rather more sense]

40ep 1 – When the chandelier falls to the floor during the "telekinetic visit" from the Sisterhood, it is quite clearly just let down on a rope rather than actually being dropped — the small upper ring stays up in the air even after the bottom of the chandelier hits the floor.

50ep 2 – When Solon comes back up from the crypt to the main hall to discover the Doctor and Sarah have returned from the Sisters, Condo firmly closes the door leading down to the crypt behind him. Yet at the end of the episode, the door has mysteriously opened again, so that the blinded Sarah can hear the voice of Morbius and stumble downstairs to the crypt...

60ep 3 – Another mistake from Philip Madoc: "There might be a struggle; the brain could be irreparably damaged." Presumably he should have said "head" rather than "brain," since Solon doesn't care what happens to the Doctor's brain.

70ep 3 – The Doctor shows the Little Demon firework to the Sisters, who have no idea what it is, and back away nervously. Yet when he needs a flame to light it, one of them has already obligingly moved up behind him so that he doesn't even have to take a step.

80ep 4 – As the Morbius monster strikes the Doctor down, one of the plastic clips holding its braincase together falls off and clatters on the floor.

90ep 4 – Condo's death scene ranks high in terms of its stiltedness. He gives a fine "Heil Hitler" salute with both his right arm and leg, then slams to the floor as he dies, as if being crushed by a 16-ton weight.

100ep 4 – A final mangled line from Philip Madoc, with the nonsensical, "Morbius wouldn't want to activate the Sisterhood at this stage." Possibly he meant to say "aggravate"?
[The novelisation corrects this to "antagonise"]

110ep 4 – The Morbius creature's braincase comes apart and he hits the camera as he falls to his death.

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