The Talons of Weng-Chiang:

10ep 1 – When the Doctor and Leela leave the TARDIS, the door is open and is not moving. They then walk away from the TARDIS for a few seconds. When they finish looking at the poster and move off past the TARDIS again, the door is magically closed.

20ep 1 – The scene in the police station where Chang gives the Tong member a suicide pill containing scorpion venom is very badly staged. They're sitting at opposite ends of a large rectangular table, and Chang drops the venom pill straight down in front of himself, so the other guy has to blatantly reach the whole length of the table to pick it up. Supposedly neither the Doctor, Leela nor Sergeant Kyle notice anything suspicious (even though Leela, for one, is looking directly at Chang the whole time).

30ep 1 – When Casey lights Jago's cigar, he tries a couple of times to blow out the match, but fails and carries on with the scene, ignoring the burning match. As he moves off out of camera range, the actor gives an amusing little grimace — either in annoyance, or because the flame has reached his fingers!

40ep 2 – Watch out for the modern electrical sockets on the walls of Litefoot's lab (they're covered with masking tape, but not very well!)

50ep 3 – When Leela throws a knife at Mr. Sin, it hits the front of the dummy's neck and sticks straight out in front of him. But later, when Chang calls Sin away, the knife is now sticking in the right-hand side of its neck and pointing off to the right.

60ep 3 – Keep your eyes peeled for the 1970's newspaper sitting in Litefoot's laundry basket.

70ep 3 – Litefoot tells the Doctor his Chinese rifle is "used for duck, mainly", but later when they're in the boat he claims "it hasn't been fired in fifty years".
[Terrance Dicks corrected this error in the novelisation]

80ep 4 – The entry into the sewers from Greel's hiding place has a large metal cover that slides up and down, supposedly controlled by a chain and pulley (we saw Greel operating it earlier). However, as Chang flees into the sewers, this cover moves down over the grille all by itself, for no apparent reason.

90ep 5 – Listen out for the extremely obvious over-dubbing on the Doctor's line, "Weng-Chiang will show his hand again", as the Doctor and Leela explore the Tong's hideout.

100ep 6 – When the Doctor is shot by the dragon ray, he flinches a split-second before the sound of the shot is heard and we see the ray.

110ep 6 – A boom-mike shadow is very apparent in the top-right corner of the picture as Greel retreats toward the dragon idol, saying, "Kill them, Sin! Kill them all!"

120ep 6 – When Leela grabs the revolver from the Tong members, one of the supposedly dead extras can be seen moving his leg a couple of times.

130ep 6 – When a large vase in front of Leela topples to the floor (supposedly as a result of being hit by the dragon ray), the hand of a crew member is briefly visible reaching through the curtains next to Leela and giving the vase a shove to tip it over!

140ep 6 – Magnus Greel puts Leela in the distillation chamber and switches it on. Cue red lights, bad effects, and Leela writhing about. Then the Doctor arrives and throws a battleaxe into the works. Sparks fly, and the machine stops, presumably broken. Later, however, Greel is pushed into the chamber, whereupon it turns on and does its thing just as if nothing had happened to it.

150ep 6 – The axe thrown by the Doctor which sticks between the eyes of the dragon idol is mysteriously absent in the final wide shot (when the Doctor says he'll buy the others some muffins).

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