Planet of Evil:

10ep 2 – At one point Salamar says, "Seven men have died at the hands of these aliens", and later on, "There are seven deaths to be accounted for". It should be eight, not seven: the seven others in Sorenson's expedition, plus the guard (O'Hara) who was killed at the start of Part 2.
[Terrance Dicks corrected these errors in the novelisation]

20ep 2 – During a struggle between the Doctor and Sarah and the Morestrans, one of the troopers (Ponti) is supposed to accidentally get knocked off-balance and fall into the anti-matter pool. This fight is very badly staged, with a big close-up on Ponti showing him with an alarmed look on his face for no good reason (he's not off-balance, and is barely being touched by anyone else). After several seconds, he simply falls over and into the pool, right on cue.

30ep 2 – The changing colour of the anti-matter crystals is achieved simply by shining different coloured lights onto them. The effect is totally unconvincing, with everything around the crystals changing colour too!

40ep 2-4 – Anyone with a physics background will cringe at the description of anti-matter and its properties in this story. Needless to say, anti-matter does not come from another dimension or possess some mysterious attracting force that grows stronger with distance... At one point the Doctor mentions (correctly) that anti-matter in contact with matter causes annihilation, but this doesn't seem to stop the crystals from being carried around in ordinary containers.

50ep 3 – The camera wobbles during a conversation between Sorenson and Salamar.

60ep 3-4 – As Sorenson collapses onto his bed, he pushes the flimsy back wall of the set away from the side wall, leaving a visible gap.

70ep 3-4 – The resolution to the cliffhanger at the beginning of Part 4 is a bit suspect, as the Doctor and Sarah were much further down the ejection "tubes" when last seen in the previous episode.

80ep 4 – The Doctor goes to leave the ejection chamber, but the door somehow knows to remain closed while he stands right next to it and exchanges a few lines of dialogue with Sarah, before sliding open just as he turns to go. Handy, that!

90ep 4 – Terry Walsh plays one of the Morestran troopers, who gets killed when the anti-matter monster attacks the ship in Part 2. However, he somehow reappears alive and well in Part 4, only to get shot by Salamar!
[Did he have an identical twin?]

100ep 4 – When Vishinsky lets the Doctor into the command area, the door starts sliding just before his finger touches the control.

110ep 4 – The sign on the door of the "Force Field Equipment" storage room swings around when Vishinsky opens it, showing clearly that it is just a bit of cardboard hanging on the front of the door.

120ep 4 – As the Doctor walks around the anti-matter pool, his foot crashes through the set! (Also, the edges of the pool move visibly under his weight.)

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