Pyramids of Mars:

10ep 1 – When Scarman breaks into the tomb, he says it's First Dynasty (roughly 3100 BC to 2900 BC), but you can clearly see King Tutankamun's throne as one of the collection of treasures — which dates from over 1,500 years later! (approx 1300 BC)
[Also, the Egyptology in this story is more than a little suspect, since the Egyptians didn't start building pyramids until the Third Dynasty]

20ep 1 – The Doctor and Sarah get jostled by a time disturbance while they're in the TARDIS. Sarah stumbles, and when she reappears, the fancy hair-clips she had on before have disappeared.

30ep 1 – Sarah has obviously picked up some of that Time Lord telepathy: she puts on an Edwardian dress before the Doctor tells her that the TARDIS has landed in 1911.

40ep 1 – The Doctor's method of deciphering the Osiran message from Mars (looking at letter frequencies) is totally implausible for a message as short as "Beware Sutekh!"
[Never mind the question as to why the message is in English in the first place]

50ep 2-4 – Due to the out-of-order scene recording, the alignment of Marcus Scarman's tie changes constantly throughout the story — look at the positioning of the black and red stripes in the knot.

60ep 2 – When Marcus Scarman is shot by Ernie Clements, we see the explosion reverse itself as Sutekh instantly repairs the damage to his puppet. However, Sutekh didn't bother to fix the bullet hole in the back of Scarman's jacket, which is clearly visible when he moves over to the window (after all, why would he waste mental energy doing that?). Yet the hole has mysteriously vanished by the time we see Scarman leaving the room, and never reappears...

70ep 2 – As Sarah climbs out of the window after their brief trip to 1980, she kicks the backdrop outside and you can see it moving.

80ep 3 – When the Doctor leaves the Lodge to find the dynamite, you can see his hat resting on a chair as he walks out the door. Immediately afterwards you see him walking through the woods with Sarah, and the hat has magically relocated itself to being on his head again. And when he eventually gets back to the cottage, the hat is there, sitting in the chair as if nothing had happened. (This also happens earlier, when he goes out to inspect the rocket.)

90ep 3 – Sarah gets upset with the Doctor over the death of Laurence Scarman, and tells him, "A man has just been murdered," to which he replies "Four men. Five, if you include Professor [Marcus] Scarman himself". These numbers should be five and six respectively, since at this point the Doctor has seen the bodies of Collins, Namin, Dr. Warlock, Ernie Clements and Laurence Scarman.
[Terrance Dicks corrected this error in the novelisation]

100ep 4 – Pity the special-effects designer who had to portray the TARDIS key floating through the air into the hands of Scarman. Three thin threads are used to quite obvious effect. Poor Scarman finally has to grab the dangling thing out of the air when it fails to land perfectly in his hands.

120ep 4 – Look out for the legendary "Hand of Sutekh" — a hand holding the cushion down in the scene where Sutekh stands up.
[This is the most famous of all bloopers, and the one which originally prompted the creation of this list!]

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