Terror of the Zygons:

10ep 1 – When the Brigadier summons the Doctor back from Jupiter, he complains that he's just been dragged 270 million miles. Don't be modest Doc, it's actually a lot further than that: the distance between Jupiter and Earth varies through the year (due to both planets having elliptical orbits) but it ranges in between 390 and 570 million miles.

20ep 1 – The wall of Mr. Huckle's office wobbles badly as Harry and Sarah make their exit.

30ep 1 – When the Doctor examines the debris from the smashed rig outside the sick-bay, there's a sign on the wall behind him which says "HIBERIAN OIL CO. LTD." It should actually be "HIBERNIAN" — as in the company's radio call sign ("Hibernian Control") which is heard several times in this episode.

40ep 2 – When the Doctor and the Brigadier are examining the soldier who was crushed to death by the Skarasen, you can see one of his (the soldier's) fingers move slightly. Pretty hard to do if you're dead!
[Perhaps he's only "mostly dead" à la The Princess Bride??]

50ep 2 – When the duplicate Harry steals the transmitter from Sarah, the wound on his forehead is very light in colour (as if it had almost healed). When he runs out the door it's suddenly very dark red.

60ep 4 – When the Caber jams the Zygon ship control room's door by breaking off one of the mechanisms, not only the control panel, but the entire wall it's attached to wobbles visibly.

70ep 4 – The shots of the Zygon ship in the quarry show the central section to be clear of the ground. But in the final shot just before it explodes, the central section appears to be resting on a sandy mound of some kind (no doubt containing the pyrotechnic charges about to blow the model apart).

80ep 4 – The Doctor trips over himself as he races up the stairs out of the cellar.

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