Revenge of the Cybermen:

10ep 1-4 – Lester is wearing his Interplanetary Space Command badge upside-down (compare him to the other Nerva crew members).

20ep 1 – The Commander tells the Doctor that Kellman is on the beacon to study the new moon of Jupiter (i.e. Voga). The Doctor says, "Do you mean there are now 13?" Unfortunately, we now know that Jupiter has considerably more than the 12 moons that were known in 1975 when this story was made — at the time of writing there are 67!

30ep 2 – Watch when the Cybership is approaching: Before it is in visual range, the Nerva Beacon crew say that it's "coming straight at them". But when the ship comes into visual range and they show it on the screen, it's at an angle and is completely stationary. After a minute passes, only then does the ship finally move towards the beacon.

40ep 3 – Shortly after the Doctor makes his speech to the Cybermen about how pathetic they are, watch for a wobbling Cyberman head.
[How appropriate!]

50ep 3 – When Sarah gets out of the boat, she nearly falls flat on her face.

60ep 4 – Very obvious NASA stock footage (complete with "UNITED STATES" visible on the side of the rocket) is used for the Skystriker's lift-off.

70ep 4 – When one of the Cybermen in the control room is killed by a Cybermat full of gold dust, he does a good job of struggling with it and staggering around the place — in fact, too good, since you can see that the Cybermat's head never actually touches him!

80ep 4 – As Nerva Beacon is coming in to crash-land on Voga, the Doctor manipulates the controls just enough to send the Beacon flying over the surface of the planet, but missing it. They take great pride in showing the moving planet surface as this happens, but it's painfully obvious that the mountains and hills are actually on a rotating drum, spinning on its side.

90ep 4 – Almost the final Cyberman line is "Leader, there's a missile off our port bow..." However, the model-work shows the missile approaching and hitting the Cyber-ship from the right (i.e. starboard) side.
[Unless of course the ship was flying upside-down from the viewer's point of view...]

100ep 4 – When the Doctor enters the TARDIS, the paper print-out of the space/time telegraph can be seen hanging on a hook just inside the door.

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