Genesis of the Daleks:

10ep 1-6 – Credibility is stretched to extremes in this story when we're asked to believe that a thousand-year unwinnable war has been fought between two cities within walking distance of each other, especially when the Doctor & co. are able to sneak in and out of both cities at will!

20ep 1 – Why is the Doctor happy to leave all his belongings behind on General Ravon's table when he and Harry force the general to lead them out of the command post? It's almost as if he expects their escape to fail..!

30ep 2 – You can see the hand of a crew member operating the "automatic" sliding cell door when the Doctor is pushed into the cell, and again when Ronson enters.

40ep 2-3 – The freeze-frame cliffhanger to Part 2 shows Sarah losing her grip and falling outside the rocket scaffolding. However, the reprise in Part 3 shows her having fallen just a short distance and landing on a platform inside the scaffolding. What a cop-out!

50ep 3 – There's a wince-inducing moment when the Doctor bashes the giant clam with a rock to free Harry: His last blow causes his right hand to slide down the rock in a way that would probably have taken half the skin off that hand if it had been a real rock.

60ep 3-4 – Between the Doctor looking up at the rocket and the soldier crawling to the switch, there's a single frame of the Doctor's back — the result of sloppy editing.

70ep 4 – When Gharman is hit over the head by Nyder, just listen to the squeak he makes!

80ep 6 – The Doctor enters the Dalek incubation chamber wearing a short red jacket and no hat. He emerges wearing a long brown overcoat, and has somehow recovered his hat (last seen in episode 1).
[Furthermore, he's still wearing this costume at the end of the story when he, Sarah Jane and Harry use the time ring to proceed to Nerva Beacon. But once they arrive at the beacon at the start of Revenge of the Cybermen, the Doctor's long brown overcoat suddenly disappears — to be replaced by, you guessed it, his short red jacket!]

90ep 6 – When the Thals blow up the entrance to the bunker, smoke emerges through the blast doors a split-second before the soldier pushes the detonator plunger.

100ep 6 – During the confrontation with Davros, as the third Dalek comes in and joins the two others, it bumps into the one in front.

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