The Sontaran Experiment:

10ep 1 – How come Sarah didn't materialise inside the transmat circle, but instead some distance away?

20ep 1 – Harry's trousers are clean when he falls down the cliff, dirty when he finishes climbing up, clean again as he climbs through the rocks, dirty again later, and finally the stains end up sort of faded-looking.

30ep 2 – You have to wonder why the Sontarans felt it necessary to prepare for an invasion of Earth by experimenting on humans — bearing in mind that the future Earth depicted in this story is supposedly uninhabited!

30ep 2 – When the Doctor is shot by Styre, he throws up his hands a split-second before Styre fires.

40ep 2 – Watch when the Doctor is fighting with Styre: in the long shots he's standing up straight, but in the close-ups, he's crouched over. And the face of Terry Walsh (doubling for Tom Baker) is visible several times, most notably as he jumps off some rocks onto Styre's back.

60ep 2 – In the aforementioned jump onto Styre's back, the Doctor manages to knock the Sontaran's head sideways when he forces him to the ground.

70ep 2 – Sarah is wearing yellow waterproof trousers all the way through the story, until the final scene, when she has somehow changed into a dark blue skirt and tights.

80ep 2 – As the Doctor and co. dematerialise at the very end of the story, a farm cottage can be spotted in the distant background.

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