The Ark in Space:

10ep 1 – The very first shot shows the Ark in orbit around Earth. But since the whole purpose of the Ark was to preserve life that would have been wiped out on Earth by solar flares, it makes no sense to have it orbiting there. (To escape the solar flares, the Ark would have to be further out from the Sun than the Earth's orbit.)

30ep 1 – Watch closely and you can see one of the cryogenically-frozen humans blinking: look behind Harry as he says "Doctor, are you serious? The entire human race?"

40ep 2 – The moment when Vira awakens and steps down from her cryogenic pallet should have been awe-inspiring. Unfortunately it's badly marred by loud squeaks from the styrofoam surround used in the set..!

50ep 2 – When the Doctor finds the Wirrn larvae in the solar stack chamber, we see a mass of larvae looking out at him through the observation port. But elsewhere in that scene, when the Doctor is moving past it, the observation port can be clearly seen to be smashed open and empty (as it is supposed to be later, when the Wirrn break out).

60ep 2 – When Harry and Sarah find the unconscious Doctor in the sub-control room, the bottom of the TARDIS is visible in the background, and you can see a cable running from the TARDIS across the floor and out through the back of the set.

70ep 2,3 – When Noah holds up his mutating hand at the end of Part 2, his tunic is zipped up nearly to the top. But in the reprise in Part 3 (and from then on, in fact), the neck of his tunic is suddenly much more open.

80ep 3,4 – You'd think the production team would take care to use the same extras in the same cryogenic pallets consistently throughout the story. But apparently not! Everything is OK up until the point where the Doctor and Vira go off to see Noah, leaving Harry to revive more of the crew. At this point, here are the order of the pallets on the ground floor of the main chamber: pallet D1 is Vira's, D2 is Noah, D3 is Dune, D4 is an unknown and extremely short extra (a child?), D5 is another unknown extra, D6 is Libri's pallet, D7 is empty, D8 and D9 are occupied (as we later discover, by Rogin and Lycett), D10 is the extra who Harry examines in Part 1, D11 is empty, and D12 is where Sarah ends up after being accidentally frozen. Now, when Harry and Sarah are reviving Lycett and Rogin, pallet D7 is suddenly occupied, while D5 is empty. Later, in Part 4 when the Doctor is wiring up the cryogenic chamber, pallets D5 and D7 are now both occupied (and stay that way for the rest of the story). Also, when the Doctor hides from the Wirrn in Noah's pallet, the midget in pallet D4 has been magically replaced (again, for the rest of the story) by a normal-sized extra!

90ep 3 – When the replay of the Wirrn Queen's last moments shows it opening the panel containing the control cables, you can see that the cables are already cut (they look just as they did in Part 1) — even though it's supposed to be the Wirrn Queen that cut them!

100ep 4 – There's a scene of Harry supposedly feeding the cable into the conduit so that Sarah can drag it bodily through to the Cryogenic Chamber. However, you can just glimpse a pair of hands inside the conduit accepting the cable from Harry and pulling it into the conduit!

110ep 4 – When the Doctor fights off the Wirrn that tries to grab Sarah in the Cryogenic Chamber, there's a quick cutaway shot of Sarah grimacing while watching the fight. But check the background — it's not the Cryogenic Chamber! It's actually a copy of an identical cutaway that was used when Harry and Rogin fought off the Wirrn grub in the previous episode.

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