5ep 1 – When the Doctor chops a brick in half, you can tell it's really made from balsa wood by listening to the sound it makes when it hits the ground.

10ep 1-4 – Benton is a Warrant Officer in this story, but the end credits refer to him as "Sergeant Benton".

30ep 2 – When the Doctor types a note at super-fast speed for Sarah, he types only a couple of lines before pulling the page out of the typewriter. Yet when Sarah later reads the note, we see that the typing covers the whole page. (Plus, it's in a strange multi-spaced way, which doesn't correspond with the Doctor's typing either)

40ep 3 – The robot has lots of trouble breaking through the door when escaping from Kettlewell's lab, especially considering it was strong enough to push over a pillar in the lab earlier. Then, when moving past the line of soldiers, it loses its footing and almost trips over!

50ep 3 – When a UNIT soldier throws a grenade to knock out one of the bunker's machine-gun nests, it can be clearly seen to hit a tree branch and drop to the ground just a few yards away from him — nowhere near the explosion a few seconds later!

60ep 4 – A UNIT soldier climbing up a grassy slope to escape from the giant-sized robot slips and almost falls over.

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