Tooth and Claw:

10 At the very beginning, when her ladyship and her servants are locked in the cellar, why do they scream when the monks bring the werewolf-monk in his cage? It's still daylight, so he's in human form (werewolves need moonlight to transform, right?) and OK, they could be mildly shocked at the sight of a human in a cage, but why the horror shriek??

20 When the Doctor and Rose first meet Queen Victoria sitting in her carriage, in long shots her head is surrounded by an oval light — looks like they've digitally enhanced the picture, to compensate for poor lighting perhaps?
[It's not a halo, that's for sure — Vic may be Queen, but a saint she ain't!]

30 Why is the Queen travelling without a lady in waiting?
[She even has to carry her own handbag, poor love]

40 When the Doctor arrives at Torchwood House, it's raining and nearly dark, but when he sees the "telescope" the sky is bright blue with white fluffy clouds!

50 There's a great expression of shock from the chained masses in the cellar when the Monk's eyes turn black — but could they really have seen them? Not only is it pretty dark down there, but he's quite a distance away!

60 During dinner, Captain Reynolds leans forward and put his elbows on the table.
[While having dinner with the Queen? Good God man, where are your manners??]

70 Why don't they just cover Queenie in loads of mistletoe when they met up with the maidservants?

80 Why did Sir Robert's dad install a fragile glass dome in the supposedly "werewolf-proof" room?

90 About halfway into the episode, while the men are firing a volley of shots at the werewolf, the shot of the wolf entering the room is repeated twice. It's as if they wanted to show the wolf getting shot by two rounds of shots, but wanted to save money and use the same footage twice to stretch it out.

100 How does the werewolf break out of the mistletoe room? The walls and doors are supposedly covered in mistletoe oil (as confirmed by the Doctor's tongue), and the Doctor clearly pulls the doors shut on his way out.

110 Does anyone else think Torchwood House has too many flights of stairs for a building that size?

120 Look out for an aircraft jet trail behind the Doctor as he and Rose discuss assassinations.

130 During the "monks in the courtyard" scene, can you see a TV aerial on the tower?

140 So if I'm understanding the "trap within a trap" bit correctly, Prince Albert concocted a somewhat unlikely plan to kill the werewolf — not only did it involve using his beloved wife as bait, but the plan also depended on her returning to Scotland to have the Koh-i-Noor diamond recut every year..? A bit far-fetched, no?
[Granted, a plot involving Queen Victoria fighting werewolves is already pretty far-fetched!]

150 Queen Vic mentions that there are legends surrounding the Koh-i-Noor about it bringing bad luck to whoever owns it. That's true, but only for men — it's supposed to be lucky for women.

160 It wouldn't have been possible for Rose to become a Dame — commoners could only be anointed as Dames (or Knights) following the introduction of the Royal Victorian Order in 1896, a full 17 years after this story is set.

170 What happened to the monks outside that were still armed? The next day the soldiers might have recovered and regained their rifles, but what about the trigger-happy monks?

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