School Reunion:

10 At the start, when Mr Finch sees the girl outside his office, the door is clearly half-glazed, with the word "Headmaster" on it, and the surrounding walls are all a lurid green colour. Later, when the Doctor and gang enter the Headmaster's office to find the Krillitane hanging from the ceiling, the door is now completely solid, with the word "Headmaster" at head height (this same door also appears later when Finch walks in on the other Krillitane) and the outside walls have now become a fawn colour.

20 Why does the sick girl say she can't be sent home because she's an orphan? Doesn't her orphanage have staff that would look after her? And for the same reason, why would the headmaster think that she isn't going to be missed?

30 Since the oil is so dangerous, why don't the dinner ladies put a lid on the barrels before moving them?

40 If the dinner ladies are all Krillitanes, how does Rose manage to get hired?

50 Why don't the Krillitanes lock the school doors or install even basic surveillance/alarm equipment?

60 The writing on the cafe window is the wrong way round — it's legible on the inside instead of the outside.

70 Watch out for some questionable editing choices after Mickey says "Oh my God, I'm the tin dog!" — you clearly see the Doctor and Rose run out of the cafe, then two shots later they run out again...!

80 How do Sarah, Rose and Mickey get out of the kitchen into the playground when Mr. Finch has supposedly locked down the school?

90 At one point the Doctor is walking down a corridor alone, wearing sneakers as usual, but someone in the sound department has inexplicably overdubbed this with a stomping sound, like he's wearing Doc Martens instead!

100 How come the Doctor smashing one of the screens turns all the other computers off?

110 Why does Mickey decide he needs to do a ram-raid job on those two flimsy-looking glass doors? Looks like a good solid kick would have done the job, or even a brick lobbed through the glass.

120 Where does K9's side panel come from? (the right-hand one with the "K9" lettering on on it) When Mickey goes to start him up, the panel clearly isn't there and we don't see Mickey putting it on... then after Mickey drives through the school doors, he rushes out of the car without going near K9, but the next time we see the metal mutt, he has the panel in place.

130 For that matter, how does K9 get out of Mickey's car unassisted??

140 We clearly see schoolkids sitting in several different classrooms looking at the computers, yet Mickey pulls the plug in one room and they all crash? Is the entire school's computer network being run off one 13-amp mains plug??

150 The headphones the kids were wearing disappear magically after Mickey unplugs the computers.

160 After Mickey has pulled the plug and told everyone to get out, a group of kids rushes past him in panic. All except one tallish boy, who appears to be grinning madly at how much fun it all is..!

170 How is the Doctor sure there aren't a whole load of Krillitane 'cells' around the world?

180 In the final scene, where the TARDIS has for no apparent reason been moved into a nice romantic park setting (perhaps it got blown there out of its cupboard when the school exploded?), we see a nice interior diorama when the Doctor opens the door to ask Sarah Jane in for a cup of tea... but then an old-school black nothing when he opens it again to leave.

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