New Earth:

10 Right at the start, why do the Doctor's footsteps make a metallic noise, when he's wearing tennis shoes?

20 In the opening scenes after the credits, the hovercars make shadows over the Doctor and Rose in long shot, but once we move into close-ups, there are no more shadows. Surely you'd also expect to hear some engines whooshing as Rose steps out of the TARDIS, not just when you get to see the hovercars?

30 Why is Cassandra's spider wandering around on the cliff top at the start of the episode? It seems to be quite a long way from the hospital for no apparent reason.
[Going for a walk on its lunch break perhaps?]

40 If the plague clones are all... er, clones, why do they all look different?

50 And how, while being kept in their pods, do the clones all have such perfectly cut/groomed hair? One of them even has a well-maintained goatee! Do they have access to razors and shaving kits in there?

60 Come to think of it, being kept in pods, why are the clones wearing clothing at all..?

70 OK, so the clones are continually re-infected with all known diseases, so that they can be tested on to ensure that the 'cure' works for all diseases. If this is the case, then why are all of them still infected with all diseases, i.e. why aren't some of them healed?

80 So if the Sisters have a cure that cures all known diseases (as tested on the clones), why do they have about 20 different cures (coloured bags mixed together by the Doctor)? And why isn't this cure already in the lift system? Why are there about 20 different cures, even though each clone is infected with the same diseases? And why do they still need the clones for testing if they've already found all the cures...??
[I need a cure for all this confusion]

90 Furthermore... if the people were infected with all the diseases and infection from the planet, how come none of them have turned to stone, like the fat bloke? Or turned red, like that other bloke?

100 Watch the scene after Cassandra takes over Rose's body. There's a long shot showing Cassandra's former body and — hey, look at that — her skin has miraculously disappeared.

110 Once the hospital had been quarantined, the Doctor says that all the lifts have stopped working... and yet there they are, still merrily whizzing up and down in all the exterior shots.

120 On the ladder, just after Cassandra has reoccupied Rose so the Doctor can use the sonic screwdriver, Rose (occupied by Cassandra) has the line "We need the Doctor!" This line is clearly in the wrong place as Rose/Cassandra already has the Doctor. Editing gaffe surely?

130 Why does the Doctor threaten Cassandra with the sonic screwdriver? It's Rose's body he'd be blowing a hole in!

140 At one point as the Doctor zooms downwards in the lift, check out the green-screen reflections on the elevator set.

150 When the plague carriers lean out of the lift and grab the woman by the arm, she just stands there calmly staring at them for about 30 seconds as though she's contemplating the floral pattern on a vase! Her expression remains totally tranquil even as massive boils begin erupting on her face...!

160 A final morsel of confusion around the "lab rats" relates to the members of the public in the hospital. They are all shown trapped when the isolation shutters come down, and at the end, when the Doctor is passing on the magic medicine, they are clearly seen sitting around in the same room as the lab rats. Surely they should be dead if the lab rats had touched them (which they were doing previously, to anyone they could get near) and therefore could not be cured by the Doctor — only the lab rats were able to be cured. Or did I miss something?

170 There's a scene somewhere in this episode where there's supposed to be blue lights from the Psycho-Graft surrounding Rose, but it looks like The Mill forgot to add the SFX in!

180 When the Doctor enters the lift, Chip says he is going to override the Doctor's floor instruction but the Doctor still ends up on the same level as the Face of Boe. Why? In fact it's Rose who ends up on the wrong level, for reasons unexplained!
[Other than being explained by Chip's incompetence, that is]

190 Why, only moments after sobbing and saying she doesn't want to die, Cassandra suddenly decides that it's just peachy after all?

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