26th August 2020: Added Zoom background as an option, to let you create your own customised Doctor Who backdrop for your videoconference calls. Also fixed a code bug that was preventing wallpapers loading properly on Android phones. Many thanks to site visitor Scott Malik for letting me know!
24th September 2018: Added the 13th Doctor to the "Characters" menu so you can create 13th Doctor-only wallpapers if you wish. As always, the available images in the database will be updated automatically as new book, audio and DVD/Blu-ray covers are unveiled, so do come back and check again over the coming months!

The Doctor Who Wallpaper Generator lets you create your own custom background images based on Doctor Who (or its spinoffs Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures).

With just a couple of clicks, create a randomly-generated mosaic of DVD, CD and book covers — perfect for use as a PC desktop wallpaper, mobile phone lock screen, Zoom background, Facebook cover photo, Twitter header image, and more!

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Step 1 Choose wallpaper size: Width: Height:

Step 2 Choose image contents:

Step 3 Change visual appearance: Background:

Choose your options above, click the Generate button and your wallpaper will appear below...