Horror of Fang Rock:

10ep 1,4 – In the first scene on the lamp gallery, before the fog arrives, the sea is clearly visible behind the keepers as they discuss the fireball that fell into it earlier. It's so obviously just a static picture CSO'ed into the background that one is irresistibly reminded of the bit in The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy where Arthur and Ford encounter an illusion of the sea-front at Southend, where "the sea stays steady as a rock, while the buildings wash up and down..."! The same problem with a static sea and sky occurs when the Rutan mother ship approaches the lighthouse in Part 4.

20ep 1 – Why, exactly, does Leela need to change her clothes (apart, that is, from the fact that it would be tedious to do as much stair-climbing as she has to in this story while wearing an Edwardian-era dress)? She says something to Vince about needing to get out of wet clothes, but this is nonsense — the Doctor and Leela went from the TARDIS straight to the lighthouse, without going near the water at all.

30ep 2 – When Lord Palmerdale wakes Harker up, the following exchange occurs:

Palmerdale: "Can you use a Morse apparatus?"
Harker: "Of course I can — can I what?"
Palmerdale: "Can you use a Morse telegraph apparatus, like that one over there?"
Harker: "Of course I can."

The answer to the first question was supposed to be simply "Can I what?", but both actors did a good job of covering up the mistake, hence presumably why they didn't bother to refilm.

40ep 3 – After the Rutan has changed itself to resemble old Reuben, he walks upstairs. Palmerdale, Adelaide and Skinsale hear him from the crew room and Skinsale goes to investigate. When he opens the door, you can clearly see that it is Reuben walking upstairs — any myopic idiot can. Yet Skinsale deliberately looks downstairs to deliver his lines,"Doctor? Harker?", ignoring all the evidence provided by his eyes and ears. (This scene was obviously written for a much larger set.) To top it off, Palmerdale asks, "What was that cry? Did he say?" Obviously not: Skinsale stuck his head out of the door for five seconds and didn't talk to anybody!

50ep 4 – Thanks to Tom Baker's face-pulling, Louise Jameson barely makes it through their scene at the start of this episode, and in fact only just manages to hold in her laughter after her line, "You are a Time Lord"; she's clearly about to crease up just as the camera cuts away.

60ep 4 – Reuben, coming downstairs from killing Vince, stops in his own room to see if someone is hiding there. In fact, the Doctor is — hanging from the window ledge outside. When Reuben throws back the curtains, we see the shutters open and no-one there. Yet when we see the exterior shot of the Doctor hanging, the shutters on that window are closed.

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