Army of Ghosts / Doomsday:

10ep 1 – In the pre-title sequence with Rose on the bus, we see her from outside with one man sitting behind her, and another man behind the first. Cut to inside the bus, and the man immediately behind Rose appears to have vanished!
[Though if you look closely, he's actually moved back a row. Perhaps he doesn't like the smell of chips?]

20ep 1 – Jackie says the "ghosts" only started appearing two months ago — doesn't it seem implausible that everybody everywhere seems to have convinced themselves so quickly that the ghosts are actually the dearly departed?

30ep 1 – How do they manage to persuade the ghosts to participate on both Trisha Goddard's chat show and an episode of EastEnders? Do ghosts take stage direction??
[Also, after the big cliffhanger reveal, wouldn't you love to see the follow-up episode of Trisha where the woman in love with the ghost discovers that he's really a Cyberman?!]

40ep 1 – The position of the sun, illuminating only the far left of the Taj Mahal dome, doesn't appear to move from the "noon" shot to the much later hour when the Cybermen fully appear.

50ep 1 – In the first shot in the sphere room when we see Dr Rajesh, watch out for a brief reflection of the crew in the cabinet he closes.

60ep 1 – How can psychic paper open an electronic lock?

70ep 1 – If Torchwood is such a secret organisation, how did Mickey find out about it, much less get a job there?
[Their vacancies aren't exactly going to be posted on a board at the Job Centre!]

80ep 1 – During the tour of the Torchwood HQ, as Yvonne pushes open the door to introduce the Doctor to their "alien artefacts" vault, she uses one hand, but as the camera jump-cuts to the door opening, she's using both hands at the same time.

90ep 1 – Yvonne proudly proclaims that "Torchwood refuses to go metric", but earlier in the episode she had quoted the ghost energy power as measuring "five thousand gigawatts". Where's the horsepower, lady?
[In case you're wondering, the non-metric conversion works out as 6.7 billion horsepower. That's a lot of horses!]

100ep 1 – How does Torchwood manage to move an object that has no mass and does not emit any electromagnetic signature (apart from, bizarrely, wavelengths in the visible spectrum) from its point of origin after coming through the Rift to its location in the vault, high up in Canary Wharf tower?
[Just as well it doesn't have any mass — how would they have fit it into the lift??]

110ep 1 – Towards the end when they do the big ghost shift... look where Martha's Adeola's hands are! Her keyboard appears to be hovering about a foot off the table, with her little fingers poised up at shoulder height. Not what I'd call an ergonomic typing position!

120ep 1 – Before Adeola and her two colleagues get "hijacked" by the Cybermen, they each have one earpiece, in their right ears. Afterwards, they have two earpieces...suggesting that the Cyber-earpiece is in the left ear. BUT... it's Adeola's right earpiece that the Doctor zaps, and the same earpiece that Yvonne removes which has the "brain matter" attached to it.

130ep 1 – As the Cyberman barges down the front door with the family huddled on the stairs, you get to see the wire helping the door fall in — not once but twice — at the bottom left of the shot. The first time it makes the carpet ride up too, and the second it's even more plainly visible.

140ep 1 – Mickey appears to have a different top on between taking off his lab coat and picking up his weapon a minute later.

150ep 2 – So there are five million Cybermen across the whole planet — sounds like a lot, but don't forget there are over 7 billion people on Earth! So the Cybermen would be spread pretty thinly (less than one Cyberman per 1,000 people) — but they seem to be packing them in two-to-a-house in London!
[What a waste of scarce Cyber-resources! Or else their occupation of Earth isn't as total as the episode implies...]

160ep 2 – Speaking of which, why do those Cybermen simply wander around that family's house looking ominous instead of, I don't know, converting or killing them?

170ep 2 – While the Cybermen and Daleks are being "introduced" to each other, the Doctor phones Rose. When we see the screen of her mobile, the call duration counter shows 56 seconds, even though she's only just answered it.

180ep 2 – At the end of their first meeting, the Dalek zaps the Cybermen and we see one fall to the floor just inches away from the Dalek — but in the prior shot, the Dalek was yards away!

190ep 2 – How do the Cybermen manage to get themselves and their upgrading/earpod-making facility into the well-populated (and supposedly secure) Torchwood HQ and behind the plastic curtains without anyone noticing them?

200ep 2 – When we see the conversion area and hear the screams of the Cyber-convertees (and again at the end of the scene when Yvonne gets converted), we also see showers of sparks as the Cyber-saws cut into their victims. Er, how? Cutting through soft human tissue (even bone) doesn't usually produce a fireworks display!
[OK, sometimes people have a steel plate surgically implanted in their head after an accident, but it's not that common!]

210ep 2 – When Jake encounters the Doctor, he explains why the freedom fighters have come all the way from Alternate-Earth by saying "The Cybermen came through from one world to another — and so did we." But why did they bother? Why not just be glad to see the back of the Cybermen, and get on with rebuilding Alt-Earth?
[Was it too boring without the Cybermen?]

220ep 2 – Considering how far Pete and Jackie have to run to each other to embrace (and during the hug we get a fairly good view of how far Pete has come), how did they manage to hear each other during their previous conversation without having to shout?

230ep 2 – When the huge Dalek vs. Cybermen vs. soldiers fight is going on in the basement, Rose and company hide behind a plywood and glass door mere yards away. Wouldn't the (presumably concrete) door frame have been much better cover?

240ep 2 – As the Daleks come through into the Torchwood hangar with the Genesis Ark, and the Cybermen start firing at them, in the high shot of the hangar, there's a Cyberman on the far left who doesn't move or do anything at all. While all the other Cybes are busy blasting away, he just kneels there and aims at the Daleks but doesn't bother to fire!

250ep 1-2 – How was the Doctor planning to keep the void open by himself? He clearly knows from his tour of Torchwood in the first episode that there are two separate Levers of Doom™ (and he deliberately steals two magnaclamps for the same reason), so surely he must have realised that he'd need a helper?

260ep 2 – When the Doctor steals the magnaclamps, as he runs back out of the room holding them both, the door doesn't appear to be open wide enough for him to fit through. But somehow, he does!

270ep 2 – Just as the Dalek/Cyber fighting is about to kick off outside, the Cybermen marching around the street corner are walking five abreast in the close-ups, but only four abreast in the long shots.

280ep 2 – In the same scene, watch out for a woman with a red coat, who stops and throws her arms up long before the Dalek blast hits her.

290ep 2 – After the soldier/Cyberman battle on the bridge, when everyone looks out the window of Torchwood Tower, we can see fires blazing all over London. But later on when Dalek Sec elevates into the sky with the Genesis Ark, all the fires have seemingly gone out and there's not even any smoke remaining in the air.
[Are the London Fire Brigade that efficient?? I doubt many Londoners would agree...]

300ep 2 – Dalek Sec starts the episode having (ahem) black balls... but in the CGI effect of him flying into the air over London with the Genesis Ark, they've turned silver!

310ep 2 – While being pulled into the void, it's awfully considerate of the Daleks and Cybermen to go in through the same broken window of the Torchwood building (i.e. without causing further damage), no matter what direction they were initially coming from.
[Very gracious in defeat, I must say]

320ep 2 – Pete's last-minute rescue of Rose is nicely dramatic and all, but wait a sec — how does he manage to materialise in exactly the right spot at exactly the right moment to save her??

330ep 2 – Unfortunately for the plot arc, the name of the Norwegian beach (Dårlig Ulv Stranden) actually translates as "Poor-Quality Wolf Beach", not "Bad Wolf Bay" as claimed by Rose.

340ep 2 – How is the Doctor's hair ruffling in the breeze while on the beach? He's a holographic projection and is "really" standing inside the TARDIS!
[Maybe it's hot inside the TARDIS and he has the air-conditioning going full blast?]

350ep 2 – In the final shot of the Land Rover on the beach, you can see a foot (presumably belonging to a crewmember) appear from behind the rear nearside wheel.

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