Fear Her:

10 With three abductions of children in the last six days, surely Dame Kelly Holmes Close would have been crawling with police?

20 How does the "scribble creature" get from Chloe's room to the garage once it's been drawn?

30 The Doctor asks Rose "Are you deducting?" Er, surely he means "deducing"?

40 While in Chloe's house, Rose asks if she can go to the toilet and Trish agrees, but doesn't try and tell Rose where it is. Surely everyone would automatically do that when hosting strangers in their house? If you don't, you're practically inviting someone to take a peek in every room!
[Maybe we should go easy on the poor woman, she's clearly got a lot on her mind]

50 And why does Rose feel the need to sneak upstairs and hide in the cupboard when Trish already implied she'd take Rose and the Doctor to see Chloe?

60 Chloe appears to colour in her drawings without changing pencils.

70 When the Doctor is caught sampling Trish's jam, we see him sucking one of his fingers. In the next shot, he suddenly has two fingers in his mouth.

80 If all the drawings are supposed to come to life, why not the picture of the Isolus's mother? Or the one of the solar flare?
[I'd be more worried about having that appear in my house than some demon-father-monster thing]

90 It seems odd that the council would bother fixing potholes on Dame Kelly Holmes Close, when the torch isn't even going down that street. Surely they'd be focussing their scarce resources on the torch route itself?

100 It appears as if Rose leaves the axe outside with Kel (the council man), but when she goes into the Webber house and runs upstairs to break down Chloe's door, she conveniently has the axe with her again.

110 How can it be sunset at the Olympic Stadium (as shown in the news footage) but broad daylight in Dame Kelly Holmes Close?

120 Everyone in the stadium vanishes — everyone, that is, apart from the cameramen, since TV footage is still coming from the empty stadium!

130 And why doesn't the stadium itself disappear when Chloe draws it? OK, perhaps the Isolus only takes life forms — but if that's true, why do the kids' clothes disappear along with them?

140 On a similar note, if Chloe had finished the drawing of the Earth, wouldn't the planet itself have disappeared, not just the people..?

150 When Chloe starts drawing the Earth on the wall, why doesn't anyone just take the pencils away from her?

160 OK, so thousands of people vanish from a stadium on live television, but a couple of minutes later BBC commentator Huw Edwards is cheerily describing the continued progress of the torch as if nothing has happened!

170 Immediately after the disappearance in the stadium, Huw Edwards says that "over 80,000 spectators and 13,000 athletes" have disappeared. Later when everyone reappears and the crowd are watching the Doctor with the Olympic Flame, he says that "80,000 athletes and spectators" have reappeared. Did 13,000 stay vanished?

180 The torch runner passes a boy with spiky black hair and a yellow T-shirt at the end of Kelly Holmes Close... but then runs past him again just before collapsing outside the stadium!

190 After the torch-bearer collapses, Huw Edwards solemnly asks "does this mean that the Olympic Dream is dead?" Why? Just because some bloke fell over??

200 Why does Rose believe that the Doctor hasn't come back to reality? He wasn't snatched in the street, so why should he reappear there?

210 At the end, where on earth does Rose get the cake from?

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