Love & Monsters:

10 During the "Scooby Doo" chase at the start, the levels of liquid on the floor change at each jump-cut.

20 Towards the beginning when Ursula is operating the camera, we see the usual "frame marks" on the camcorder's viewfinder, then cut away to a flashback, and then back to the camcorder POV, only there are no frame marks this time.

30 When Elton's windows are smashed in, he describes it as happening on Christmas Day at 7:45am. Yet it's clearly a bright sunny day outside — it's usually dark in December at that time in London (or darkish at least!)

40 How could the Internet being "on meltdown" make Elton's computer explode?

50 The "musical miming" to ELO is very badly done. In particular, Mr Skinner on drums visibly makes no attempt to strike anything other than the snare, when we can clearly hear all parts of the drumkit on the soundtrack.

60 After Jackie spills wine on Elton's shirt, he goes off to get some pizza, but when he comes back the shirt is spotless!

70 Jackie thinks a tenner is enough to pay for two pizzas? In London?
[Doesn't get out much, does she?]

80 Why does Elton take the photo of Rose with him every time he goes to see Jackie? Pretty stupid thing to do, because of the risk of her finding it (and of course she does).

90 How come as the LINDAites head away from their HQ, they can't hear the screams of their teammates being absorbed by Victor?

100 Just after Ursula is absorbed, and before Elton gets chased, the Abzorbaloff has his cane in his left hand/trotter. But in the shot where he exits the building chasing after Elton at speed, it's suddenly in his right trotter instead.

110 If Victor can't let Elton go free because he's seen the Abzorbaloff's true form, why is he quite happy to chase Elton through the streets in his true form?

120 It appears to be raining on Elton when the Abzorbaloff corners him, but when the camera cuts back to the Abzorbaloff, it's as dry as a bone.

130 How does the Doctor know where to find Elton at the end?

140 And how does the Doctor recognise Elton? The last time he saw him was as a three-year-old child!

150 When we see Elton's mum dead in the living room, there's a very obvious camera shadow moving along the couch at the right-hand side of the screen, which unfortunately detracts from the emotion of the scene once you notice it.
[Maybe that's the Elemental Shade creature the Doctor was chasing — you never know, some aliens might be camera-shaped!]

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