Music from the New Audio Adventures: Volume 2

No. 2 of 8 in the Big Finish music series
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By:Alistair Lock
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Released:  March 2001
Publisher:  Big Finish
Format: 1 x CD
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Note:  Contains music from The Fires of Vulcan, The Shadow of the Scourge and Last of the Titans (an audio drama given away free with issue 300 of Doctor Who Magazine in January 2001).

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Track listing:
All tracks by Alistair Lock.

    Last of the Titans
  1. Vilgreth’s Ship
  2. Tea and Shortcake
  3. Bomb Warning
  4. Troubling Thoughts
  5. A Planet Saved, A Home Destroyed

    The Shadow of the Scourge

  6. First Contact
  7. Benny in the Circle
  8. Hotel Relocation
  9. Casting a Shadow
  10. Consumed
  11. The Doctor’s Head
  12. Over the Edge
  13. Facing our Fears
  14. Benny’s Theme

    The Fires of Vulcan

  15. Arrival
  16. The Street of Plenty
  17. Marranus’ Theme
  18. Eumachia
  19. The First Quake
  20. Final Destination
  21. Foreknowledge of Disaster
  22. The Sacrifice
  23. Escape Plans Arrested
  24. Hypnotic Escape
  25. The Arena
  26. The Fight
  27. Death of Pompeii

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