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What's your biggest worry about the impending 11th Doctor era?

Moffat's writing skills won't survive being spread thinly over an entire season  (21) 7%
Watching a Doctor noticeably younger than me will be too depressing  (17) 6%
Moff wasn't joking when he said he'd write even more snogging/soap opera/gay jokes than RTD  (31) 11%
Waiting for the inevitable ratings slide/public backlash to start  (21) 7%
The pointless arguing over whether it should be called Series 1, Series 5 or Series 31  (13) 4%
In some undefinable way it will lack the magic of the Tennant/RTD era  (56) 19%
What's there to worry about? Fresh new Doctor, great writers, sexy companion... how can it fail?  (123) 42%
Get a grip -- it's just a kid's TV show. There are people starving in Africa, you know  (12) 4%
Total Votes: 294

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